[Archive] Kolossus idea - Leviathan War Golem

Mr Saturday:

Has anyone used one of these as Kolossus? I have two of these guys and I’m thinking of using one, though base wise I dunno, it might take a chariot base to base it.


that’s really cool. what is the scale?


Yes tjub and Thorne used such a Grendel Leviathan as a Kollossus basis:

Here are the pics:

made by tjub

made by Thorne



ahh, that one gives me the scale nicely, might invest one in the future.

Mr Saturday:

Ooh. Nice. I think they fit the bill. I love the firing platform on the first one. After some rooting, turns out I have three of these monsters. Maybe one of the new 60x100 bases would do.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

One day we really need to do a Kollossus GH or Artisan’s contest. :wink:

Mr Saturday:

Here’s what I’ve got myself, I think they could work with some conversion.


Nice! What kit is that? It looks fantastic.

EDIT: and that my friends, is how you go from zero to stupid in under five seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll read the thread title next time! Looks good!


Thats the MKI and the MKIII right?

Can’t find any shots of the MKII though… hmmm?

Mr Saturday:

Not sure. The bearded guy is a couple inches bigger than the other pair. There were a lot of variants of the golems as far as I can remember. I’m leaning toward using one of the top two, maybe the one with the cannon-like guns.