[Archive] KoW 2000pt Chaos Dwarf list

Time of Madness:

After playing approximately 20 games of Kings of War including a tourny, I must say I’m liking the system more than Warhammer. I’ve started to switch all my fantasy armies over to KoW, which includes the big hat chaos dwarfs.

Here’s a 2000pt list I’ve been working on.

Iron Caster #1

- Inspiring Talisman

- Lightning Bolt

Iron Caster #2

- Lightning Bolt

- Fenulian Amulet

Decimator Horde (40 models)

- Heart-seeking chant

Immortal Guard Regiment #1 (20 models)

Immortal Guard Regiment #2 (20 models)

Abyssal Halfbreeds Regiment (10 models)

- Fire Oil

Heavy Mortar

2 Rocket Launchers

Gargoyle Troop #1 (10 models)

Gargoyle Troop #2 (10 models)

“Hob” Goblin Allies

Spitter Horde (40 models)

- Brew of Keen-eyeness

Rabble Regiment #1 (20 models)

Rabble Regiment #2 (20 models)

Wolf Rider Regiment (10 models)

Total points = 2000pts

The list features a couple of pretty nice shooting units. The Goblins hitting on 4’s with the magic item and the decimators make for a strong phase and that’s before adding the war machines and lightning bolt sorcerors into the mix.

My combat units consist of 2 units of Immortal Guard and the Halfbreeds. The rabble units are throw aways to hopefully put myself into good charge situations. The wolf riders are a bit of a wild card, they should be able to take out light/fast units.

The gargoyles are great, I’m just struggling to decide on what models to use. I’ve thought about the old 5th edition harpies or the current metal ones.

Time of Madness

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve had great luck with the Decimator horde however I find having two Dragon-Fire Teams, one flanking the unit on each side, really helps them survive. Once Decimators get charged, they completely suck. Although another option to keep them alive is one unit of Gargoyles which stays a few inches behind them. Should the Decimators ever be charged, during your turn the horde moves straight back and the Gargoyles land in the space left forcing the enemy to charge them instead on the following round. That gives the Decimators a chance to shoot again and that’s generally enough to wipe out whatever hit them in the first place.


If you do single basing, you could easily mix the Kings of War and some of the old Reaper Miniatures Gargoyles. They have som really good ones that would mix well.

Fuggit Khan:

This is a very nice balanced army list…since I also these days play Kings of War instead of warhammer, would you mind if I borrow your list?

I’d like to try it out this weekend, but with Lesser Golems replacing some of the rabble :hat off


I’ve got my first game of KoW tonight.  I have no idea of what points we will play and I’ve only got the “free” rules, so I’ll just take enough to cover your lovely list above and see what happens


The list looks like it will be very effective. You have enough rabble units in to control the flow of the battle, keep your artillery free, and move your hitters into place. I’ve found that with weaker units, using the horde size can be essential in making the unit effective.

Ironically I’ve only skirmished with Abyssal Dwarves on the table thus far. I’ve only played larger games using Kingdoms of Men and Twilight Elves lists. Haven’t yet had enough Abyssal Dwarves painted to get them onto the table (and my gaming group plays painted only). With both of those lists, the larger units really made a difference in controlling my opponents movements across the table.

Curious to know how the 20 IG strong units do and how you strategize to support them. Do let us know how it plays.


Nice looking list!

Decimators with seeking chant looks great. I also like them with Elite. rerolling ‘1’ to hit is almost as good in shooting as +1 piercing BUT also works in cc.

2 iton-casters are nice with Immortal Guard. If You look for extra points I would replace them with slave drivers with boomstick and with healing charm. You lack Inspiring! If You do not wan more heroes I would give helm of confidence to halfbreeds.

I do like goblin allies. Slaves! Oh, when we talk slaves - gore riders are great unit to have.