[Archive] KoW Battle V's Ogres 13Mar2018


Battle Report 13 March 2018

Kings of War 1500 Pts: - Jack T�?Ts Ogres: V�?Ts. Abyssal Dwarfs.
Both of us used �?oEasy Army�?� to build our armies. It is so easy

Jacks �?" Ogres with no name.

Warlock with Fireball and Healing Charm.
Captain with Beast-Slayer Blade,
Captain with Heavy X-Bow and Boots of Levitation.
1 Horde of Shooters with the Brew of Keen-eye-ness
3 Regiments of Ogre Braves. One with Quicksilver Rapier and one with Brew of Courage
2 Regiments of Ogre Warriors with Great Weapons.

Kefty�?Ts - Abyssal �?oOgre Hunters�?�.
A little surprise for Jack as I knew he hadn�?Tt named his army

2 Hordes of Decimators �?" one with the Blessing of the Gods.
2 Troops of Gargoyles
1 Regiment Half-Breeds with Pipes of Terror
1 Regiment of Grotesques with Dwarven Ale.
An Overmaster on Great Dragon with the Blade of Beast Slayer.

I think I�?Tll give you all a head-ups with my mistakes. I forgot to use the Pipes of Terror and the Dwarven Ale and the Regeneration abilities for the whole game. I should have had the �?oJar of Four Winds�?� and not the �?oBlessing of the Gods�?� on my Decimator unit, but I forgot to print the updated list I�?Td made. First time ever that I�?Tve had magic items in KoW.
Jack is one of my sons peers and has strayed into RPG for last several years. He is being lured back to Fantasy with KoW.

Anyway. Jack won the roll off and went first.



Ogre Turn 1 =  
Jack first moved one unit of Ogre Warriors with Great Weapons up through the centre just to the west (my west) of the hill and the other Ogre Warriors with Great Weapons moved so as to come around the hill to the south, towards my right flank with a Captain cutting around behind them to stand next to them. The Braves and the Warlock sort of muddled around at the back, shuffling a bit forward in a clump of sorts.  That�?Ts because of some magic thingy that gave his Warlock extra somethings for each unit of Brave within 6 inches. Next up, his Horde of Shooters fired and caused 8 damage to my Decimator Horde #2 and his Captain with the X-Bow caused 1 damage to Decimators #1.

Abyssal Dwarf (it is so weird not calling them Chaos Dwarfs!)  Turn 1 =
My two troops of Gargoyles flew straight up the exposed left flank putting themselves to the western side of his Braves and the Shooter Horde.  Whilst my Grotesques and Lord on Dragon (he kept falling over so I took him off his base) charged the centrally located Ogre warriors with Gt Weapons and killed them outright. After that quick victory they didn�?Tt have many choices in moving.  Most options left them vulnerable in one way or another, so since they�?Td already stuck their heads out and were so close to all of his other units they re-grouped and moved as far forward as they were allowed, just to be mean and limit his options.



Ogre Turn 2 =  
Jack did some shuffling of his Warlock and Braves again. The far western Warrior unit came towards my R flank, I�?Tm guessing that he thought it was safe because my Lord was no longer poised there. And I think his Captain may have charged my Grotesques. My notes say that the horde of shooters hit my Dragon Lord for 3 wounds so I guess no one charged him.

Abyssal Dwarfs Turn 2 =
One of my Gargoyle Troops charged the Horde of Shooters in the flank and the other charged the western most unit of Braves in their flank.  The Horde took 2 points of damage and the Braves a useful 7 Damage.  The Big shooters and the unit of Braves reformed to face the threat.  Job done, well done Gargoyles.   On the Right flank my Regiment of Half-Breeds charged his unit of Warriors with Gt weapons and wiped them outright, much to Jacks dismay.  He is not used to his boys dying in the very first trading of blows.  In the centre field my Grotesques charged the foremost unit of Braves whilst My Dragon Lord charged the Warlock.  They didn�?Tt do so good this time around with the Lord only putting 4 damage on the Braves and my Grotesques only put 3 on the Warlock, though they did make him Wavering.  

Every so often I�?Td forget to don my glasses before taking a photo.  The regiment(s) of Half-Breeds will be based properly soon.  I had only ripped most of them out of the 50x75 8th Ed bases that morning.



Ogre Turn 3 =

His counter charges in the centre were with a lone Captain against the Grotesques. He effectively leaping in front of his precious Warlock, to protect it.   And a unit of Braves and the other Captain charged my Lord, Well to my dismay the Lord died.  As envisaged, the Shooter Horde and the previously offended unit of Braves counter charged the two Gargoyle Troops.  Both of the Gargoyles died gloriously.  Meanwhile the Grotesques only took 2 wounds and remained in the fight.

Abyssal Dwarf Turn 03 =
The Grotesques counter charged the captain but only hit him with 1 wound.   And I moved the Half-Breeds back towards my centre field since they had secured the right flank.



Ogres Turn 4 =
The big Ogre Shooters put 7 wounds on the Half-Breeds. And the two Ogre Captains combine their charges and battered the Grotesques into bloody submission.

Abyssal Dwarf Turn 4 =
In retaliation for the demise of my grotesques, my Half-Breeds gleefully flank charged the Ogre Captain with the Gt Weapon, whilst the Decimators #1 shot the other Ogre Captain to pieces with a nice rain of fire and then Praise Hashut, the Heavy Mortar finally scored a hit. The big gun put a nice total of 6 wounds on his horde of shooters. The Half-Breeds convincingly swept the floor with his Captain dealing him a huge 21 Hits.



Ogres Turn 5 =
The two units of Ogre Braves now charged the Half-Breeds.  His Warlock healed somebody, but they all looked the same to me.  His big Shooters hit my Decimators #2 and they lost out in the nerve roll when he rolled a ten. Then to make it worse, the Ogre Braves killed off my Half-Breeds the same way.

Abyssal Dwarf  Turn 5 =  
No movement left for me so my Decimators #1 KIA�?Td one of the Ogre Braves. The one with the Quicksilver Blade I think.  Then in another stroke of luck, my Heavy Mortar blew away his Big Shooters.



Ogres Turn 6 =
Jack�?Ts Warlock now cowardly healed himself of 2 wounds whilst his loyal injured Braves charged the Decimators and subsequently put 3 wounds on them in the clash.  The first close combat my Decimator Horde(s) have ever actually faced.

Abyssal Dwarf T6 =
A brave counter charge by the Decimators put saw them put 3 wounds back on the Braves and then have to step back and wait for their response. Whilst the Mortar crew cursed as they missed the Warlock



Ogres Turn 7 =  
The two Ogre Braves now stomped in together, this time causing the Decimators 6 wounds. But the fight went on as their nerve held easily.

Abyssal Dwarf T7 =
The angry counter charge by the Decimators belted into one of the Ogre Braves. Instead of making the odds better for me, the Mortar missed the warlock again.  Happily the Decimators finally knocked over one of the Ogre Braves, leaving just one Ogre Braves and the Warlock left on the field to match my one Decimator unit and the Mortar.



Ogres Turn 8 =
The Last unit of Ogre Braves and the Warlock charged the defiant Decimators who finally fell beneath the Ogres heavy handed onslaught.

Abyssal Dwarf  T8 =
Suitably enraged the Heavy Mortar got their act together and landed a blow on the Warlock that took him out of the game.



Ogres Turn 9 =
The last remaining ogres advanced upon my lonely Heavy Mortar getting to about 3 and a half inches away.

Abyssal Dwarf  T9 =
His move took him in under my firing range.  Leaving me with nothing.
So I charged them with the cannon just to see his face when I put them back as they have no melee ability at all.

So he had one unit of Braves left = 150 pts and I had one heavy Mortar left at 120 pts.



Great write up! looks like it was a pretty close game! I"ve been wondering how that Kings of War system is compared to Warhammer… I refuse to convert to skirmish Age of Sigmar… I love the big block battles!


Wooh! Congrats on getting another battle report in! Ogres can be a tough opponent for us since they hit so very very hard - but fortunately the best awnser to them is well in our school house: Artillery! You have to take a fair amount of it though for it to work since they are so swingy. A minimum of two indirect fire War machines can really do the trick.

A note on the Jar of Four Winds unfortunately it only effects “normal ranged attacks” so the breath attack of the Decimators can’t be boosted by it. I say Elite is the best choice for them though since it helps them out if (when) they get stuck in melee.


Cool! I need to get into KoW, seems like a very fast paced form of mass battle!


@ Dnscwlf I too love the bigger block unit battles and in this i so like how you don’t have to remove models all the time.

@ Carcearion All my previous games I’ve had 3 Artillery pieces and they worked well. But I traded the points for more heavy hitters. Thanks for the corrective tip on “Jar of Winds” I’m disappointed now though, the extra range would have been great.

@ Sjoerdo At the start of the evening we though we might get two standard games if we pulled our fingers out, but we both just couldn’t let go of the on going slug-fest and had to see it through to the very end.