[Archive] Kris Aubin's Chaos Dwarfs! (Paint or Die)


For all those living in Canada :slight_smile: you might recognise theese:

They were done for a painting contest that was run at the canadian HQ, and although they dont have curly beards :0 they are still nicely converted and painted. i’m not sure if everyone has seen them before but here they are anyway

Xander Edit: These Chaos Dwarfs belong to Kris Aubin, former GW employee. :hat off

1st Unit:


2nd Unit:




Death Rockets: (very cool)


Kollossus (Stand in for Anvil)


3rd Unit: (With beards!!)


Blunderbussiers: (Stand in handgunners)


And Finally, a Standard Bearer:


Here is the link to the page where all the armies are: there are some other cool ones (not CDs)



Now that’s funny: I only just discovered this army a couple hours ago on the net. It is quite amazing and some of the conversions are really briliant though he should have put more variation in his banners allthough the idea is great. Still I’m not really a fan of those chaos helmets.

Thanks for posting it here.



The rocket launcher in particular is fantastic (imo)


Great stuff of course! Good idea to Archive these babies!

I modified the topic a bit. :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

They are actually used as an ordinary dwarf force, unfortunately, but it still looks great!

The Flying Beaver:

I’ve seen them in person! :slight_smile: He’s also registered on this forum, though has only ever made one post.


You might also note he won paint or die.

I also have seen Kris in person.


thanks xander - Kris deserved more credit than I gave him


Kris did excellent work bringing Chaos Dwarfs to the front of many gamers minds. It’s quite impressive that he managed to pull off winning the whole thing on top of that! I will be featuring his army in a showcased army page on the site soon enough.

EDIT: Site updated.


A truly superb army. I really like the war machines, but I’m not so keen on the warriors - they look to oddly proportioned with the giant shoulder pads


You can check out Aubin’s army on the site portion of CDO now!



Traitor King:


I actully have a Hellcannon and now im considering a rockety conversion… (maybe with the new empire rocket battery?)

I thought my previous bfsp deathrocket was a wee bit small…

(altohugh my bolt throwers may look funny compared to it…)


Beautiful paintjob, but i’m not too keen on the overall look of the warriors (except unit 3) and the blunderbusses - but glad too see CDs up high at GW. It brings hope for a future where we all won’t be forced to use our CDs as ordinary dwarf forces.

The Flying Beaver:

Kris Aubin has left GW, unfortunately. :mad


these are really amazing and where did you get the bull heads from?

great skin tones as they are in the snow :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

those are great i like the white great job


Do anyone know - there are more pictures of his army online???


I could ask him next time I see him…

Scrakes the chaos goblin:

dear Kris you should make a guide on how to make your ghaos dwarves like Xander because Ive got admit yours are pretty sweat.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Scrakes, I’m not sure he is a member of this website, but it appears Sharp knows him. Maybe it’s best to PM Sharp to ask him to pass your message on?

A quick glance at the top two units suggests old chaos warrior torsos and shields, dwarf legs and beards, new chaos warrior helmets and arms, with Hellcannon heads as the banners.

The Earthshakers are Hellcannons without the skull (use as standards for the two units at a guess). A dwarf engineer for each and a 4 goblins/grots/gretchins/gnoblars (possibly converted…).

The death rocket is a hellcannon (same crew as the Earthshakers), but the barrel has been replaced with rocket racks. It was mentioned where they were from, but I don;t recall right now.

With the Kollosus, all I could say is the head is another Hellcannon skull and the feet seem to be dreadnaught’s feet. The three models on the floor are the same set-up as the units, but the guy with the big hat has had goggles sculpted on and a Chaos Marauder drum glued onto his head (his staff top is the banner top from the newer Chaos Warriors regiment).

the next unit is all hellcannon crew, but some have had weapon swaps.

The next unit are simply thunderers.

The standard bearer is as the other standard bearers, but with the Chaos Banner Bearer standard underneath the skull.

Hope that helps!