[Archive] Kudos to Xander!


Kudos to Xander the Wiki is back. At last CDO is back to full functioning after the slaves went and messed it all up ;).


Haha, thanks Willmark.

The wiki will display several errors on any page which uses thumbnails for images. As you may recall they did not used to work, and then they suddenly did. It appears they are back to not working. I have contacted my server to try and get the image functions working. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Better than having no wiki. Does clicking the thumbnails still give the full-size picture though? if so, it’s not a major problem…


Certainly kudos to Xander - I have missed it very, very much, so thank you Xander - thank you :slight_smile:


Hooray. I’ll start gearing up for it.

Kera foehunter:

Thanks xander !!sweet

Hashut Rules!!


Thumbnails are now working, though some images are still missing, Working on re-adding those now!


Thanks much for the Wiki, guys. The background info and conversion info on the units is a really big help for us slaves. Again, Kudos.


Glad you like it!