[Archive] Lammasu advice

The Odor:

I am looking to get myself a Lammasu as a magnetised mount for a sorcerer prophet (thinking of building some kind of dais) and am currently looking at 2 options.

1: The Games Workshop Lammasu but then I would like to get a size comparison between it and a normal dwarf (I don’t get why GW doesn’t do it on the site…)and sugestions if someone has done something simillar with this model. What I am worried about is it being to small to put a dwarf on…

2: The Raging Heroes Evil Sphinx Head and possibly the manticore body they recommend using it for or any body someone can recommend. For this option I am wondering about other bodies (then preferably one that is suitably bull like).

I am absolutely open to other suitable models and mounting ideas.

Thommy H:

You know the Lammasu originally came with a rider, right? Here’s the model prior to his Storm of Magic incarnation:


That head is great. Works pretty well on the games workshop manticore too. Stick from flame phoenix wings on it for an extra magic feel.

Something like this awesome lamassu by JMR from the last Golden Demon contest.

The Odor:

… I used to know that. Don’t know how I have forgotten. Thats absolutely a point in its favor.

Oh missed the other post and both the fact that it works on the GW Manticore and that picture are awesome points for getting the head… Partially since I want the rider for the GW Manti for a conversion…

And getting ahold of the wings should not be impossible.

The issue there is that it would get quite costly… and that the mini is pretty dynamic and my Sorc-Prop is static… Might make it tricky to get him to look natural on it…


JMR’s is one of the most beautiful Warhammer minis I’ve ever seen… ever. Which is kinda given the supposed ugliness of its subject.

I was planning on shamelessly aping JMR’s but as part of a scene, with my static Sorceror standing next to him (in “partnership”?)  rather than actually riding him.

EDIT: *kinda ironic


JMR's is one of the most beautiful Warhammer minis I've ever seen... ever.

Woah! You need to see more Warhammer minis! :cheers


My guys magnetised also its a good size comparison.


I made mine out of a dark elf manticore and some giant parts.



I am a big fan of JMR’s version of a Lammasu, especially the awesome head!!

What if you used FW Bale Taurus and the head JMR used, maybe that could work out fine…?:slight_smile: