[Archive] Lammasu & Banner of Eternal Flame?

Groznit Goregut:

Hi All,

I’ve got a question. The Lammasu turns magic weapons to normal weapons for any magic weapon in base contact with it. The Banner of Eternal Flame gives flaming to any normal weapon in a unit. A character with magic weapon wouldn’t get the benefit. What if the Lammasu turns it into a normal weapon? Does it then become flaming?

This is important due to all sorts of defense to flaming attacks that we get. What if a Lammasu and Infernal Guard are in base to base with the same character and that character attacks rank and file? Would the Infernal Guard get the 5+ Ward Save vs. Flaming attacks?

Just curious…

Thommy H:

Yeah, the character using the magic weapon would be able to benefit from the Banner of Eternal Flame in those circumstances. Kind of weird, but that’s how it works.


That said, I’ve yet to find a character (goblin or otherwise) that won’t maul the crap out of a Lamassu in combat. Poor bearded bugger.

Groznit Goregut:

That said, I've yet to find a character (goblin or otherwise) that won't maul the crap out of a Lamassu in combat.  Poor bearded bugger.

He's T5, right? No armor. I can think of some heroes that will not kill him, especially with no magic weapon. Goblins, Empire heroes, etc. Casters will have a hard time. I mean, they can't kill him in a round. In that round, you get the Sorcerer's attacks and the Thunderstomp.