[Archive] Lammasu for the masses!


Hello everyone I was browsing around Manufacturers of 28mm models and I found Black Tree Design and they have a model that is called a Shadu which looks like a Lammasu and could be used as a one. The models are a fair bit cheaper than GW models so I figured I would help out my fellow gamers and let everyone know about this model so they would have this option. here is the link


Nice model!

I have seen it a while ago.

For my liking it looks too much like a Pegasus only with a “wrong” head!

IMO not impressive enough!



Good find Bazil, not really to my taste i don�?Tt think it looks big enough or scary enough but would make a good one all the same and as you say its alot cheaper :slight_smile:


Yeah, a lot cheaper!!


Beautiful model, I like. :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Looks alot like the carvings that the Lammasu is based on too.

Now for a cheap Great Taurus.


Ya I love their prices I’m ordering the Zombie Dragon for my Undead army. Theres also some really nice terrain stuff for Mordheim, and Monsters for Scenarios which GW has but for the price they charge doesnt make it worth buying

Border Reiver:

There are definitely some models worth considering there - especially in the historical section for folks like me who also play WAB


Quite nice, although not evil enough for my taste.

Would make for a superb piece of scenery though.


Might be a bit of topic, but recently there were some cheap Eternal Guard Models, anyone post a link please? Can’t find the topic anywhere