[Archive] Lammasu n Hellcannon PDF?


I saw here on the forum some links to the gw site homepage while I was looking for these.

So I guess it is possible to share it with love.

Where those 2 pdf ended up?

I dont think opponents will just let me play stuff without be able to read what to they do, so I kinda need them! x.x

Any help? :h


Don’t ask for illegal stuff in here. Use your google fu


@Malorn: Loidrial is asking to legal links to GW main site.

They might have been on the GW main site at some point, but they are not there anymore at least. So only legal way to get them is from buying the Warriors of Chaos armybook and the Warhammer: Storm of Magic. That’s a pretty big downside on Tamurkhan.


ahhh sry. I missed that. Still: Google fu