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Wolf :

Hi all,

Just a rules clarification, in the storm of Magic book the Lammasu has a special rule:

“Sorcerers Miasma” which states “…magic weapons carried by models in base contact with the Lammasu lose all of their magical properties…”.

My question is technically, the rider of the Lammasu counts as being in contact. So does this mean the Sorcerer Prophet loses his abilities of the Darkforged weapon.

A further question is, does the Darkforged weapon actually count as a Ensorcelled hand weapon (magical).


Thommy H:

A ridden monster and its rider count as a single model. A model isn’t in base contact with itself.

The Darkforged Weapon is a magic weapon, but it’s not an Ensorcelled Weapon, which is a different equipment entry.

Wolf :

Thanks Thommy for the swift response much appreciated.

I understand in the warhammer rule book, it states "a character and his mount are treated as a single character model for all rules, expect as noted on the following pages"

Under the rules for a ridden monster, it states “whilst a cavalry model is treated a single model for the purposes for hitting and wounding, a character and his ridden mount can be attacked separately”.

In summary I was reading too much into the rules and wasn’t seeing the wood for the trees.




I had been wondering that myself about the rule of the lammasu I’m glad that you brought it up


I believe and older edition of the game had characters count as being in base contact with their mount, for whatever special rules they may have. Hence the confusion. The ark mace does specify that you hit your own mount though, should you take that particular item.

As a side note, should you be fighting chaos daemons, bloodletters and plaguebearers, as well as the ones riding on their particular mounts, have magic weapons. Nothing funnier than having a lord on a lamassu crash into the side of those units, then explaining that killing blow/poison does not work due to those rules being tied to their magic weapon this edition, rather than being an innate power.


Nice tip there Thoraxe. Will have to try and remember it. Its sad you don’t see more lammasu’s being played.

only question though is "if you are playing WFB but not actually Storm of magic, then you do not get the Sorcerers Miasma rule, Do you?


The Lammasu has all the rules from the storm of magic as per the released Forgeworld faq. Even a great taurus have some of them as well:

Great Taurus

Q. Can the Great Taurus take the upgrade options from the Storm Of Magic book, as the Lammassu per Tamurkhan FAQ?

A. The Great Taurus may indeed select the Storm of Magic upgrades. (Email Mon 25th Feb 2013)

Q. In the Tamurkhan FAQ, the Great Taurus has not been included in the Blazing Body update. This seems to indicate that the Great Taurus still benefits from the -1 To Wound, whilst K�?TDaai & Bale Taurus benefit from re-roll To Wound from non-magical attacks against them.

A. The revised Burning Body rule applies ONLY to K’daai and Bale Taurus; the Great Taurus continues to use the Storm of Magic wording. (Email Mon 25th Feb 2013)

Q. As per above reply, the Great Taurus still uses the -1 To Wound rule as per Storm of Magic wording. The way this was FAQed before was that wounding on a 7s was not possible & thus it could not be wounded by Strength 3 attacks. However, the FAQ update has since been changed for the K�?TDaai & Bale Taurus, without explaining wheter the previous method of cannot be wounded on 7s still applies to the Great Taurus?

A. With regards to the rules for the Great Taurus, it has not changed, it still cannot be wounded on 7’s. (Email Tue 11th June 2013)

Q. Does the Bale Taurus also have the Fuelled by Fire rule or does it apply only to the Great Taurus ? The special rule on page 185 specifically names the Great Taurus but the page is titled Great Taurus as well.

A. The Great Taurus has “Fuelled by Fire”, however the Bale Taurus doesn’t. (Email Fri 14th June 2013)

The email answers from Forgeworld
From this thread.


Thanks Malordk

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