[Archive] Lammasu Sculpt


Hey again!

This time i have decided to go for something big, so i am going to sculpt a lammasu for my now nonexistant ( but growing, im goin to warhammer world in two weeks) army.

I got this model a few days ago for �2.99, and have big plans for it!

Sadly i am on holiday at the moment, but ill be back home on saturday to start construction!

I am going to cut all three heads off, and the tail and back paws. Then i will use a giant head, sculpt a beard (curly or non curly?), make some hooves for the back legs and a bull like tail. Also, i have two sets of wings, and i don’t know whick ones to use, a set of dragon wings or some old daemon prince feathered wings, the model itself is about 4 inches long and one and a half tall just to give proportions.

I have not decided on the sorceror yet, but i will come around to it afterwards.


Should be cool! I can’t wait to see how it goes!


Hehe, make it a 3 headed lamasu, thatll look awesome

Note: idead added to very nonexistant current WiP army list


I’m almost tempted to say keep the three-headed dog lammasu! I suppose that wouldn’t be very fluffy tho :frowning: . It sounds pretty cool regardless - I vote curly beard and dragon wings!


I'm almost tempted to say keep the three-headed dog lammasu! I suppose that wouldn't be very fluffy tho :( .

Actually that would VERY Fluffy.

The Flying Beaver:

I say go with a curly beard and feathered wings, as it’ll most accurately resemble the Assyrian Lammasu that way. Good luck with it- I have yet to see an actual Lammasu conversion here.

Traitor King:

I would have to say defo the dragon wings.

Not to sure about beard however.

This should be a sweet conversion!

Xander:heheh! The wit is just oozing out it seems.


Well I have just got back and have started construction, but no pics yet guys ( sorry!)

After i had brutishly hacked off the three heads with a kitchen knife i found out that the giant head was too small for the body! :0 So i have had to sculpt an entire new head. Also the feathered wings were too small as well, so itll have to be the dragon wings, or maybe no wings at all ( a sort of floaty instead of flappy flying)

I have started to sculpt the sorceror as well, but do any of you guys have any idea of a base model i could use?


Ifyou got 3 giant heads it might work, just fill the gap with Greenstuff


Ok a picture!

The little model on the right is the start of the sorceror that is going to ride him, and also to give a size proportion.

The sorceror is only standing up because it is easier to sculpt, i will construct a throne for him to sit upon.


Grrrrrrrrrr, i wanted it to have 3 heads

it rocks though, lots, and has good potential


Looking ace so far!


Great Hashut that model is huge! fails terror check


Oh yes, the bigger the better! That rule applies to alot of things, my monsters, my food portions , my hats… ahem, back onto the subject!

I havnt really done much enough for pics, but i have put some more putty around the neck, made a bull-like tail, and made the sorceror into a sitting position. I have been too preocupied with my homemade helcannon…::stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

If I had had the chance, I would’ve first said a Cerebrus-like model seemed an odd choice. Then, changed my mind, saying that the two side head-mounts/necks could be used as the musculature of the wings. I think it SHOULD have wings…