[Archive] Lammasu Wings


The one Chaos Dwarf model I’ve got my hands on so far is a Great Sorceror on Lammasu model whilst I wait on funds to allow me to purchase more, and I’m thinking of giving it feathered wings along the lines of the Classical Assyrian Shedu.

I’m planning on using the feathered Pegasus wings available from GW’s Mail Order Bitz Catalogue and was wondering if any of you folks have any experience with using those wings on Lammasu, whether you think it’ll look any good, if those wings will fit and if not can you suggest alternate feathered wings?

Also, would a hat be a viable option for the Lammasu, or would it just look silly as the Sorceror behind it may not be able to see properly?



https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5531 there are some pics of my lammasu created using a pegasus and I think you shouldn’t give the lammasu a hat


Lammasu with a hat? Groan.

Ghrask Dragh:

If your going with the feathered look a hat might work…

…but it would be hard to make it look good


Honestly, It’s your model, if you want a hat on the Lammasu, go ahead and do it. Don’t let the hat haters get you down. They are just emberassed by the size of their own small hats…

Besides traditionally they did have hats… Not the GW ones, but the ones in legend. The hat was a symbol of many things, least of which was wisdom, power and wealth.


Aye I was planning on doing a small hat to make him look more like Ghrask Dragh’s second picture.

Luckily I have two Lammasu, so if I totally screw one up I’ll still have the other to use.

Kera foehunter:

go for it!!! i think it would look good


The Lord of Change has nice feathered wings, as do the Griffon/hippogriff models (old and new) if you find the Pegasus ones lacking.


Sounds like an interesting idea. Do a step by step blog for it so people can see the progression of it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think a small hat or turban/turbanesque hat would work fine. Is it possible to get the wongs via bits order now then? Only, last I knew, nothing was available for bits order (virtually).