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Lava base painting tutorial by Lan Studio. Savour your eyes on this roasted hellfeast of astonishing quality:


I’ve posted my “Magma Knight” base on instagram and there were quite a lot questions about how I did it so here is small “tutorial” about the process. I hope you like it and find those pictures usefull!


The rocks are made of “modeling clay” that was heated up in oven and “opened” still while it was hot inside and devided into smaller pieces, this way some intersting shapes were randomly created.

The cracked ground is GW technical paint aplied in thick layers and then fixed with “sand and gravel” glue.

Stage 1:

After black undercoat whole base was airbrushed pure white, marking some brighter spots with stronger layers.

Stage 2,3 and 4:

I applied with airbrush colors sol yellow (Scale 75)/yellow from Kimera Models first (leaving some white spots), Acrylicos Vallejo orange fluo followed by Kimera Models red and later this red mixed with black.

Stage 5:

Some black was aplied with airbrush and then I did a few layers of drybrush, starting with Kimera Models red then followed with red + black and in the end pure black.

Stage 6:

I applied thick pure white in some spots to mark the most hot places.

Stage 7 and 8:

Over white spots I applied layers, using brush, of yellow, orange fluo and red in this way I acheived high intensity of colours.

Stage 9:

I applied more Scale 75 black over the rocks then drybrushed them with mix of black and beige and later with brush adeed some more details.

More or less done!



Lan Studio


Wow, that is some perfect lava look! Great tutorial, this will be needed!


Amazing base…

Given GWs updated release of the Fyre Slayers for AoS now, there should be some interesting painting tutorials coming up on Warhammer TV as well. :slight_smile:



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