[Archive] Large Chaos Dwarf army up on ebay, Big Hat style!


Hey all, long time lurker but not much of a poster.  I just put my Chaos Dwarf army up for sale on ebay.  I’m rather sad to see it go but in all reality its just been sitting in my basement in a box for about 5 years now.  I spent over 2 years on this army right from the ground up.  Time clear out the closet and make someone else happy!  Thanks for looking and I’d be glad to answer any questions you have here…all Hail the Big Hat!


Time of Madness:

Sweet Army!!!

Time of Madness


Thanks ToM, I hope it finds a good home.


Great army. Good composition, well painted.

Good luck with your auction!

black hammer:

The paint job is great! I’d love to buy it if only I had the money.:frowning:


Thanks for all the replies all. I do have a question though, since I haven’t really sold much for about 4 years now, what do you think about the price? Too high? Too low? I saw that a lot of armies were going for about that price for 2k points so I figured it was kind of ballpark. I’m pretty motivated to move it so I’m not looking for a crazy amount, but then you never want to get low-balled either.


That’s a lot of money, but it’s also a big army of nicely painted out of production minis. Good luck getting it sold, and hope it gets a good home.


…Nice army. Good luck for the auction.

Please can you post the photos of your army in the showcase section???


Great army, i think the price is right for a big hat army of that size, plus its very well painted so i hope you get what you want :slight_smile:


very nice army!

hope you get the money for it!!


Didn’t sell, got a lot of questions asking if it doesn’t sell if I was going to re-list it at a lower price…go figure! So its been re-listed, starting bid $1000.00. Hope it goes this time.


Good hold out for a good price!


Wish I had some money haha such a nice clean awsome sauce army the painting is perfect!