[Archive] Large Chaos Dwarf lot for sale/trade


I got this army a few months ago and they really are not my thing. I have a very sizable collection and will consider tradeing it for Brets or Dwarfs of equal size, but I will consider any amy except for Empire, Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves, and Ogres. I will also sell this army for 500$ including shipping. Here’s a list…

30 Gnoblars(I used these as naked Hobgoblins, I might want to keep these)

50 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors

30+ Metal Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

7 Bull Centaurs

4 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

3 Death Rockets

2 Earthshackers

1 Lord on Taurus

1 Wizard on Lammasue

1 Wizard on foot

4 Lords/Heroes on foot

A bunch of the metal Command Models, 2 of the Champions were converted to Wizards. These are in excess of the ones need to command the regular Dwarf Warriors

I also have Goblins from BfSP that I am using as hobgoblins but I might keep them for my Orcs and Goblins.

if you’re interested email me at brimmstorm@yahoo.com


I’m interested, I sent you and e-mail… So keep your eyes peeled! :hat off

the trooper:

I am really intersted in some of the unit (or even the whole army).

I got a bunch of dwarfs mainly dwarfs from bfsp butt also many other units.

The the total army is around 2000 full painted and i think it is really nice.

also 2dwarf book so if you want to trade for some of them here is the list:12 miners

22 thunders

24 warriors

9 rangers (nice old models)

1 organ gun full crew (old model)

2canons full crew

1 runepriest


1white dwarf xxx models


so if your interested just mail me at jasper.depetter@skynet.be

Only problem i live in belgium.

Pyro Stick:

I sent you a PM. Look out for it.


Offer sent to you via PM.


I’m looking to trade/sell this as a whole. Or I am just going to hang on to it.



Pyro Stick:

You are going to be much more successful selling it in small lots.


I bet I would. But it will also require a lot more work on my part. But I will take my chances.


Lava Lord:

:slight_smile: I have alot of Bretonnians, enough for an army just tell me what you want!! A PM msg will follow in a day or two. Or reply here if it is convenient.:cheers


if anyone has any random spare CD models then give me a PM. Or if you dont sell all of it brimmstone then let me know.