[Archive] Large Scale Slayer


Here are the pics showing development right through to completion.





Cool slayer, i spotted this on sunday as well but did not know that it was one of yours, great work once again :slight_smile:


so is this bigger than 28mm? i like the tattoos really nicely done.


Looks great, but how big is he?


Grim, congratulations on creating the most bad@$$ large scale slayer on the net ^.^


He is the size of an ogre (as I was going to make one that could be cast), about 47mm to the top of his head.


I actually prefer this, though I don’t know if it’s large scale or not

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This is actually the 3rd large scale dwarf I’ve made, though the other 2 didn’t get beyond a basic skeleton.


Well Grim, the slayer you linked indeed looks nice though his weapons are not as sweet as yours + no dead gobbo in front of him ^.^


Awesome job. He looks a bit static (in my opinion) - but still, did a very great job with this one - as well.

What made you change the idea with him draging the fantatic goblin - really liked that look.

Kera foehunter:

this is one of the coolest figure i ever seen !! i love the beard and mohawk