[Archive] Large semi-painted FW CD army for sale


Hi. Just wanted to share this sale thread from powerfist.dk with you guys.

This guy is selling a complete CD army. A lot of the units are painted.

Malet = painted
Umalet = un painted
grundet = base coated

With current bundle prices the price would be ca. 1280 USD.

He’s asking for a serious bid and not expecting anything near the new price.

Fuggit Khan:

Damn, this post scared me at first…by the title and who posted it, I thought that you were selling your army…and I was going to cry foul.

Glad to see this is not your army for sale…I’ve enjoyed the progress on your army, keep your blog going!

:hat off


Got a post coming up. Aplying The rest last highlight colours today, then only need some wash and I have 26 finished guys to show.

Just wanted to help a fellow Dane getting his stuff sold.


Using the Bale Taurus without wings as a K’daii Destroyer is a really cool idea!


Using the Bale Taurus without wings as a K'daii Destroyer is a really cool idea!

Actualy it is. It's a really expensive model - but it works. And I havn't seen anybody do it around here.


Hello, I would be interested in buying the dwarves of chaos, also wanted to know if you would be willing to sell only one lot consisting of, or if you sell only all together, and the total price and the individual pieces.

Thanks and see you soon.

P. S. I would like to post pictures of the event in luca.balloni @ hotmail.it

I would say that the price in Euros


Not me selling anything.

Click the link to powerfist.dk and write the seller there.

I’m just sharing information.