[Archive] Large well painted alternative chaos dwarf army for sale New price! 1020 dollars+post


So here it is, all done. ready to be sold. Any takers? All have been based and painted to a pretty good level. Ill ship around the world, but only with track and trace. 1020 dollars+postage


1 unit of 25 Infernal guards with Great weapons inkl. filler and command group (I have about 5-8 extra of theese, painted but unbases) - Russian alternative.

1 unit of 30 infernal guards with Håndvåben/skjold inkl filler and command group (4-5 extra) - Russian alternative.

1 Unit af 22 Infernal guards with blunderbuss inkl command group. Back rank on rocks (1 extra unpainted). - Russian alternative

30 Hobgoblins (Night goblins) with spears inkl command - games workshop

30 Hobgoblins ----------------- with spearsinkl musiker og champion - On extra unpainted banner. - games workshop

20 Hobgoblins ---------------- with bows inkl champion - games workshop


2 magma cannons - 1 forgeworld with alternative crew og 1 convertet

1 Deathshrieker rocket launcher - Forgeworld

6 k’daai fireborn - Forgeworld

3 Bull centaurs - Forgeworld

2 Iron deamons - Engelsk firma - There are bits ordered for conversion. I can send them along or do it before shipment.


1 Konverteret Hell cannon - games workshop (Hell brute)+Russian alternative crew

10 konverteret wolfriders (inkl 1 filler count as 2).

K’daai destroyer - Ghorgon Games workshop


1 Bsb - Russian alternative

2 Deamon smiths - 1 Forgeworld og 1 avatars of war

1 taur’ruk - Forgeworld


1 Prophet on foot - Scibor

1 Prophet on bull - Scibor

Infernal gaurds with GW:

Infernal guards with HW/S

Infernal gaurds with blunderbuss:


Magma cannon+deathshrieker


Bull centaurs:

Iron deamons:

Hell cannon:


K’daai destroyer:

BSB+Deamon smiths:


Prohphet on foot:

Prophet on bull:


Then the time came, and I am sad to see it…“cry”


You should add an initial price HoneyM, both here and on other sites as well. The price should be:

Cover your expenses + minimum payment for work load + what makes you happy.

Then there will also be something for people to haggle with.

I for example has absolutely no idea of the value of your army - I couldn’t possible make a fair offer.


Thanks BB and yodrin, I think I would like 1020 dollars, but TBH I dont know if thats a realistic scenario…


I figure Ill have it on forums for a week/5 days and then trow it on ebay


I love the RA models, it’s a beautiful army. Hope it finds a good home :hat off


I useally calculate in pounds. Ive done alot of buying and selling on ebay, especially in pounds. Guessed I used dollars here, because I find it most likely it will be bought by an american… dont know why :slight_smile:

The army is still unsold and of such i decided to finish til Iron deamon conversion today. Here is a picture of one, the other follows:


where did you get that rider for the bale Taurus?


where did you get that rider for the bale Taurus?

It's part of the model, a Scibor miniature. But HoneyM made a great head swap with a Russian Alternative head.


BB’s right, Look in my blog for further questions too.