[Archive] last ride of the indy list

richard barby:

with the new warhammer forge book about to come out. on the 2nd and 3rd im having what may well be my last run with the indy list in tournie form. up till now i have used it twice under 8th and i have had better luck with it that dark elves who i have also used at 2 tounies

records of played 12 won 6 drew 1 lost 5 with chaos dwarfs

compaired to played 12 won 4 lost 8 with dark elves

the last tournie is nicknamed dragoncon after last year being full of dragons. there are a few hard caps but almost none. however you score 10 points if you take a large target flyer (unless there isnt one in your army and you get it anyway)

other wise its 120 points for battle

and 30 for sports

my list is (useing the errata)

mage lord on a lammasu charmed shield 4 upward item and scroll (metal)

slave master bsb 4 up ward

slavemaster hero 1up save great wepion (general)

2x20 blunderbusses full command shields chaos armour

48 rabble

2x5 wolf riders bows

2 bolt throwers

2x 12 sneaky gits

1 earhtshaker

6 golums full command and breath upgrades

my general planis sticking the scaly skin spell on the blunderbuss units and golums making them so hard to kill i can grind things down

any thoughts ?

richard barby:

last ride was full of ups downs quite a bit of swearing and a few beers (it was in a place with a bar)

started with my grudge game vs a dwarf player started well won the roll for the first turn thats where it ended chucked 2 spells turn one got both through with out really trying then the lammasu head butted a cannon ball (brave but not so smart.) jumped in to a unit rolled up 10 dice for a magic phase turn 2 4 dice miscast kills half the unit of blunderbusses. lose 2 dice from the power pool 4 left only a small spell whats the worst that could happen? 2 6s again kills the rest of the unit and the mage so 305 points and 540 points plus 100 bonus points. high point my sneaky gits cleaned up a cannon and a organ gun.

dwarf army was anvil

bsb with 2up ward vs flameing

5 big ass blocks 1 each of slayers crossbows warriors hammerers miners cannon organ gun.

score 0-20 beer o clock and my first round side best lost

round 2 vs deamonds battle for the pass

so after assumeing the position and still drying my eyes.

dead center of the table a building that gave hatred and frenzy

so i set up best stuff in the middle headed for building charge

got 2 spells off on the golums + 2 save and +1 to hit next to the building vs 18 bloodletters i lost 2 wounds after 21 attacks swung back 17 dead smack

smashed up other units left him with guo and 3 hounds was very tempted to smash in the the flank of the guo turn 5 but forgot about every rule of warhammer and common sence i it was 2 wounds downstuck in combat with ahorde unit my. warriors and 2 heros would of had 3 ranks flank charge 2 banners (7). but i hung back forgetting chalanges and steadfast

in the end 17-3 win feeling better

doc player had guo

20 plague bearers herald bsb

20 blood letters

20 horrors

6 flamers

6 hounds

5 slaneshy fast cav

richard barby:

games 3 and 4

game 3 vs vampier counts (blood and glory) vampier on horse in a unit of black knights with a bsb with a 4up ward vs ranged attacks big block of skellys goules and grave guard and black coach

my plan was wack a mole on the vamp lord i had first turn and hurled everything at the unit killed 2 knights after spells bolt throwers earthshaker and bow fire not looking good

vamp turn 1 move forward get both knights back up again not much else

my turn 2 big magic phase IF final transformation in to the knights kill champ and half the knights no longer enought for look out sir call in a earthshaker air strike on the vamp lords head hit ward failed 6 wounds dead vamp lord looking much better vamps army start falling over quite quickly high point being gitz in the back of about 40 skellys wiping them out in about 3 rounds

20-0 to me end of day one

after gaming i went to see walking with dinosaurs with the wife it was brilliant

game 4 vs tomb king dawn attack

the guy i was playing has a good reputation he was the defending champion and is seen as being one of the best players in new zealand so i was really pleased to have a crack at a player that good

we both hate dawn attack i would swap it out for something different. but moving on

guy i was playing had 2 blocks of archers casket skull thrower 2 war swinx 1 necro swinx 4 carriots 4 necro knights

i was spilt in 2 halfs one side was both blunderbusses earthshaker lord bsb one bolt thrower one wolf riders

other side was golums rabble (no way near bsb of general sucks) lammasu wolf riders bolt thrower

i tried a wack a mole with everything on the herophant ina bunker of 15 warriors it did not come off but i had the unit down to about 5 guys and 3 heros lost both gits and the wolfs to this. it was a slim chance i could of plaied safer with the gitz but there you go

afterwards i bottled up in one corner and tried to hold out 1 swinx 4 knights scorpion and 4 chariots i lost bsb general one unit blunderbusses earthshaker both bolt throwers killed necroswinx scorpion knights and had 1 wound left on a swinx .

we both tried a last turn charge at each other my golums at his full health swinx dubble 1 he tried the same same thing and got the same result

lost 15-5

richard barby:

rounds 5 and 6

watchtower vs warriors of chaos

by far my worst performance with out being disrespectfull to the guy a played (the games even on his youtube page vaulsc tinsolder4 game 5)

luke had 2 massive units of marunders mok great axes around 40s

dragon mage lord gateway for the win (how true that turned out)

war shrine buffing up 18 chosen and a hero bsb. a model i gave luke that a picked up ages ago .

5 knights no mark

2 units maruders on horses

so i had chance to stick some troops inside the watchtower but turned it down (why)

i left my gitz out the game due to not really thinking (why x2)

had final fransformation killed most the chosen before they got in to the tower cool

lost one unit of blunderbusses to a drawn out fight with maruders

lost lammy to gateway but not wanting to blow my last bunker up i did not jump in to the blunderbusses fire off a spell that did nothing at all then got gatwayed finding out not 4up look out sir against gateway dead mage 540 points and 100 as a bonus (why x3 )

golums bounce off the tower killing bugger all game cant end quick enough for me but luke bought me a beer afterwards the mans a legend

lost mage lammy


both bolt throwers

one unit of blunderbusses

some sneaky gitz

and a big chunk of ego

final game vs dogs of war this was my most fun game of the weekend i love dogs there full of depth that 7th and 8th ed armys just dont have heaps of mini heros units with special rules we where timed out at the end i think most if its due to me sitting there enjoying to storys behind his units

he had

a halfling hot pot cannon

mini cannon of doom (it kicked ass)

2 x10 units of crossbows

6 knights voulands

8 arab style light cav

10 duliests

4 great wepions orgers

general on a peg

level 3 mage on foot

20 odd great wepion dwarfs with the paymaster

elf hero on a dragon

best of all long drong slayer pirates drong and 11

after 2 long days we just about chucked our models down and got on with it left to right i had

bolty wolf riders big gap blunderbusses rabble earhtshaker bolty gitz gitz blunderbusses golums lammasu wolf riders


arab cav cannon duliest slayers both xbows dragon knight orges dwarfs peg general

so getting in to it lost riders and bolty to arab cav. cannon killed 4 golums and the lammasu slayers pirates and duliest got stuck in to the blunderbusses. i ran the gitz away from the dragon it gave me a nice flank for my mega rabble bus charges flank 3 ranks champion dies twice beaks a dragon it runs 5 i run 4 gutted could of been great catching a dragon with rabble.remaining blunderbuss unit goloums mage hammer the dwarfs 3 orges paymaster mage knights

last roll of the weekend one final air strike from the earthshaker picks of the now on foot lord for about 300 points

turned out a big win somehow 16-4 i think

61 battle points for the weekend out of 120 first time over half


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’m a big fan of Vaul’s battle reports actually. His are some of the best bat reps out there IMO.

Were you one of the folks playing in his 15,000 point game?

richard barby:

no i did not get to have a look at it was on the other side of town but have plaied most the people who did. one of the skaven players in it i have drawn in all 5 tournaments we have both been at together last weekends was the first one i have been at that he wasnt there as well.

i even got him when i was ghosting as canopener (also on vauls page )

top 5 from ts4

tomb kings (guy i played in round 4)

doc this guy went 5 from 5 loseing the masters final

high elves with star dragon

woodelves with forest dragon 3+ ward

brets with hippo lord and knight lord (knight lord 1up reroll save 5 up ward heroic killing blow and hitting on 2s

the format was top 2 play off for the win in the final round

3rd and 4th play for 3rd place

everyone else is playing for 5th the guy who got 5th in most tournies would have got 2nd

not sure if i got top chaos dwarf it was very close and i had to go before the presentations i was behind going in to the last round but he lost and i won ourfinal games

richard barby:

highlights and lowlights of the weekend gamging and other wise


3 wins inclunding my first over doc and a 20-0 over vamps

seeing a second chaos dwarf army at the tournie i hate being the only one

saturday night going to walking with dinosurs with the wife if they tour again go see it

playing against dogs of war one of my favoriate armys

learning a brilliant trick from the other choas dwarf player it is so sneaky

fish basket from the venue about a side of fish in batter chips and wantons 10 buck nz (5 pounds uk) its was huge and very nice.


i acted like a dick i would of given myself bottom score for sports not for during the games but inbetween them something to work on for next time

3 losses of out of my games i recon i lost of could of done better things in the games vs dwarfs and woc

not getting to play the other 2 doc players i fancied my chances after knocking over the other one

richard barby:

finally got hold of the table for the weekend and i finished ahead of the other choas dwarf player i was 12th and he was 19th .but he had the smartest little trick i have ever seen for a choas dwarf army

he had a deamond tower and a lammasu both are monstours beasts he also had lore of shadow and charged his lammasu in to a deathstar of bretonian knights (static 6. 2 ranks 4 banners grail bus) cast a basic spell and swapped places with the tower that started slapping around the knights