[Archive] Lava Golem


Found this old mini at home (earth elemental) and thought he would make a nice lava gollem.

I like it, am surprised I havent seen one done before (cue loads of links to everyone else having the same idea ages ago…)

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



That’s an awesome find, that would work nicely for a lava golem.



The old Hero Quest magic spell cards. :wink:


very nice idea, good painting too :hat off


Good find and a great idea :hat off


My first reaction is that his mid-section looks really “skinny” and thus the rest of him looks out of proportion, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. - I think he will fit in just nicely. Good Find.


Lovely paint job, and very well based too. I do like this figure…must…get…one.


Hhhhm I have two of these guys too!

Perhaps I will send some slaves to steal your idea! :wink:



By all means steal away Zanko, thanks for all the nice comments. I think I’m gonna use this one as a unit filler.


These guys would all make awesome unit fillers! I may get my hands on the set. I must admit I never thought of painting up the Earth elemental in lava colours. I wonder how the restr would fit as firey types? These may be just the fillers I wanted for my horrors…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I remember these guys and have been wanting to buy them for ages, but always strapped for cash, combined with £21 for 4 models means that I’ve never got around to it yet, lol :smiley:


Awesome PJ, Starscream. Not my favourite model - but really like what you did to it :hat off


I was thinking about get these. Could you tell me what size are they?


twice the height of a blorc, slightly taller than a ushabti if that helps?

Thinking about it, if you look at the other elementals you get in the set, the fire one would fit right in, the water one could probably be painted as lava and perhaps the air as firey smoke?

If thats do-able then thats a full unit of metal lava golems for £20 which aint bad (considering other minis of similar size sell for a lot more - ogres,ushabti,kroxigor etc).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah, so these are actually on 40mm bases. My bad. The money’s pretty decent (for GW) then, actually, lol. I thought they were 25mm. I’m a lot more tempted to spend the money that I don’t have now, lol. Thanks starscream :wink: (both sincerely and sarcastically, lol. For knowing their value and for making me want to spend monies!)


@Starscream: thank you for the info, expect to see these as unit fillers in the future.


I might have to get myself some Elementals after seeing this! Do any of you know of any nice elementals out there? GW’s are kinda pricey considering I’d use two from the pack…