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Here is the Background i posted this in Ideas of my Race the Lava trolls

“In the Treachourus Dark lands lives a Different Variety of Trolls you may think they would be your Ordinary Stone trolls or your Twisted Chaos Trolls?..Well no your wrong! These are the Rare and Frightening Lava Trolls ((Also Known as Pyre Trolls to those not of the Dark lands)) These Monstrositys live in the Hotest Areas of the Dark lands that they can Swim in Lava and not Die due to thier Incrediably Tough Hide that Resembles the outside of a Volcano.Some people believe that these trolls are Indestructable…But they are wrong the Lava Troll weakspot is under there Jaw…That is why you dont see many for thier Weakspot is a Hole that can snagged on Rocks making them squeal and eventully Die if they do not Escape.The apearence of a Lava Troll looks somewhat like a Stone troll mixed with an Ogre due to thier Large Apearence.Thier skin colour can range from a Magma Red to Charred black but its not Uncommon to see a White skinned Lava troll…Lava trolls are known to have Intelligence and Anger of a Teenager which is why they are often seen as Mercenaries for Chaos Dwarves,Greenskins,Skaven or Ogres but mainly Chaos Dwarves…

Some things to beware of a Lava troll: Do not run from a Lava troll its will think you playing with it,Do not Anger it or you will Regret what you have done,If kept as a Pet and not Fed right may become Self Cannibalistic or eat its Owner and Do not think a Lava troll can be Tamed even if you do it would take a Decade”

What ya think?

Dead Kennedy:

I like the idea, quite a bit actually… a rare choice of a Lava Troll could be quite cool indeed.

Kera foehunter:

will they spit up lava like other troll spit up acid ???


Yep Kera :smiley: sorry for the late replies mean busy IRL


i like the concept. i can just picture the smoke of the battlefeild, in the smoke… a pair of glowing red eyes. Then out of the smoke strides a mighty lava troll slowly walking toward the empire gun line with evil purpose, an officer shouts to his men to stop the monster, but all there efforts are in vain and when the smoke from the empire cannons clears the troll is unscathed and continues his march of terror his, glowing red eyes causing the soldiers to stand, petrified in fear while the hulking beast rips the men apart with ease. relly cool idea, i like it.


i have made somthing similer i called it a magma troll as i a building a fire kobald force but the model i used is a DND miniature called a magma brute from the dungeons of dread range and placed on a troll base and using pva ceated streams of lava altough my work  looks amiture it gets the job done atleast at a distance.


sundrinker… that looks more like a magma beats… made from animated magma… than some kind of troll that would inhabit a lava field… or lava strewn landscape… both great ideas though! I definitely think it would spit… if not lava… at least some kind of heated melty goo that would burn… and count as a flaming attack!


great idea ,i love the concept have you made any rules for it?