[Archive] Le Chevalier Ermite de Malmont



This is my etry on Winter Angel '2012 painting competition. Unfortunally he didn’t pass even the first cut :frowning: I’m very sad and will return to painting my chaos dwarf army.

More views an voting on CMON - CoolMiniOrNot - Le Chevalier Ermite de Malmont by ravenswood


Ouch I cant even dream of painting that good. If he dident pass throu the first round then the other entries must have been Godlike.

Well cheer up and I hope to see some inspiring Chaos Dwarfs soon then ^^


Thanks! And yes, it was be very hard chalenge. Many of participants are from CMON top 100.


Looking great!

I would have gone for a lighter highlight on the chainmail, it’s super hard to paint NMM on chainmail but you did a great job overall.


Tough luck! That’s a very nicely painted mini! Their loss is our gain though…get painting those chaos dwarfs!


smells cheese and whine, err wine

Great paint job and sorry about not moving on with it, but unfortunate choice of subject matter. :wink:

NOTE that was a joke about Brets which are decidedly not my fav.


Wow - that is GREAT work. You are very talented!


That is a far better paint job than I could do.