[Archive] Legendary Battles and the Kollosus


A friend of mine who is a avid Warhammer player made some rules for cool units using the Apocolypse sheet idea from 40k and made som “Legendary” units of his own. I threw in my 2 cents with the Kollosus, making my own rules and such. It got pretty good reviews, now I share it with you:

Kollosus 950

M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld

6 5 3 8 8 6 4 6 10


Huge Blades and saws, chest mounted EarthShaker canon

Special Rules

Unbreakable, Large Target, Fire Breathing, Terror, Iron Skin, Daemonic Runes, Hull Breach!

Out of the Hell Forges of Zarr-Naggrund stops the Chaos Dwarf Kollosus, the ultimate killing machine and epidemy of daemology and engineering combined. It is a giant mechanical, daemon powered war machine that shoots flames, fires Earthshaker rounds, and crushes the weak. Some say that Hashut himself embodies the automaton, hell bent on delivering carnage to the Old World

The Kollosus is a daemon trapped in an cursed iron shell, it fears nothing and only cares of rending flesh and reaping souls. The Kollosus is unbreakable

The Kollosus is very, VERY large. It is a Large Target.

The daemon-controlled killing machine is hell bent on destruction and death to all the masters see fit. It breaths fire as described in the WFB rule book.

Breath weapon


This mechanical maniac is horrible to gaze apon and causes Terror.

Iron Skin- The beast has a pure metal hide and benefits from a 1+ Save

Daemonic Runes- Not only do these Runes bind the daemon to the substancial world, but do much more:

-confer Magic resistance (3) to the Kollosus.

-allow the Kollosus to fire the EarthShaker even if it moved (not marched, other firing rules apply)

-give the beast a 4+ Ward save

Hull Breach!- When the Kollosus loses its last wound, the daemon trapped bursts from the iron shell and is unleashed onto the field of battle full of rage. Place a Greater Daemon of Khorne on the battle field when the Kollosus loses its final wound. It immidiately moves 2d6 towards the nearest visible unit (friend of foe) and will count as charging in the following close combat phase. If already in combat, it will attack as normal. On subsequent turns, it will move towards the nearest unit on both players compulsory movement phase. It will continue on like this until it is defeated.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say it should cost 100 points or so more anyway, but with the addition of a whopping great daemon of Khorne arriving when it dies, it needs to include that into it’s cost as well. It looks good, just underpriced :smiley: