[Archive] Legendary Battles Game: Black Orc Rebellion (warning: 25MB of pictures)


This is a 6,000 point Legendary Battles game recreating the Black Orc rebellion against the Chaos Dwarfs.  It was planned to last for 8 turns.  It was played on an 5x12 table.

My army is made up of Chaos Dwarfs, Hobgoblins and DoW units, while my opponent�?Ts army is made up of various units from the Orc and Goblin list led by a Black Orc general and some D0W units.

This is the tabletop after army deployment:

This is a close up of my army:

My plan was to have a line of anvil units holding the right flank and centre while I pushed forward and tried to break the left flank.  Hence most of the units in the lower half of the picture are Chaos Dwarf Warriors (the 25 strong units) and Blunderbusses (the 20 strong units).

On the elevated terrain behind them is my artillery: an Earthshaker and 2 Bolt Throwers.

In the upper part of the picture is my other CD warriors units, a Giant, Bull Centaur unit and my allied contingent made up of Beorg Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo and 2 Chaos warrior chariots.  All of my heroes were deployed in the upper part of the picture, including the lord on Taurus, 3 level 4 wizards using Lore of Fire (one on a Lammasu) and a BSB and 2 other heroes.

And this is a close up of my opponent�?Ts army:

He realised I was stacking my left flank so countered with his own Giant, Golfag�?Ts Ogres, some Norse mercenaries, 2 Boar Rider units and most of his artillery on the elevated terrain.

His general is in the Big �?~Un unit just above the Trolls.

He had no real magic to speak of, mostly just scroll caddies.

I got first turn.

I signalled a general advance on the left Flank �?" the Flyers rushed forwards to try and murder his artillery, the Hobgoblins advanced towards the tower to occupy it, the Bull centaurs and one of the chariots advanced behind the Hobgoblins and the fast cav moved forward to bait out his fanatic (which did not reach me).

His Boar unit on my left got shot up by magic and one of the bolt throwers, reducing it�?Ts numbers.

Sadly, my Earthshaker misfired and was out of action for 2 turns.

My opponent�?Ts turn began badly when his Boar unit that I had previously wounded failed it�?Ts animosity, resulting in three Boar riders dying and the unit panicking and running away.

The fanatic rolled a double 6 and choked himself to death with his own chain.

His wolf riders decided to charge through and attack my fast cav, who won the combat although didn�?Tt break the Gobboes.

On the bright side for my opponent, one of his bolt throwers managed to wound my giant, although the other artillery all missed.

Turn 2 (me).

My Giant, Frank the Tank, decided that his little Hobgoblin buddies needed a hand so decided to pile into combat and start beating on the wolf riders.

The Goblins lost the combat and ran away, meaning that the Goblin infantry behind them (no doubt seeing Frank lumbering in their direction) decided to make a judicious withdrawal as well.

The mercenary ogres (who no doubt felt they weren�?Tt being paid enough to fight a Giant) decided to flee also.

Frank and the remaining fast cav overran into the Orc unit and the Giant behind them.

Further along to the right of the line, my chariot and the Hobgoblin Hero on the wolf decided to attack the Human Norse mercenaries.

While my Hobgoblins, in a rush of blood to the head, decided to attack a Squig unit (a fight which they lost but did not flee from thanks to my general being in range).

My Lord on the Taurus charged one of the artillery pieces, then overran into another one.  The Sorceror Lord tried and failed to Cast Wall of Fire on the Boar rider unit.

Turn 2 (the hated enemy):

Shooting and Magic were largely ineffectual, thanks to my 8 dispel dice and my opponent�?Ts blind artillery crew.

Combat was another story.  His Squigs (with the help of some nearby Trolls) caused my Hobgoblins to flee.  The Squigs overran into my Bull Centaur unit, while the Trolls overran into a CD warrior unit.

My Turn 3:

My opponent had foolishly put his fast cav close to one of my Blunderbuss units, who promptly proceeded to load their guns, cackle evilly, and move forward to line up the shot.

In the centre of the table one of my chariots charged into the Squig fight, while another unit of CD warriors joined the fight against the Trolls (which as it turned out would last for the entire game).

Off on the left flank a unit of Warriors charged a unit of Cavalry, while the Hobgoblin Hero on the wolf and the 2nd Chaos Warrior Chariot continued going toe to toe with the Human mercenaries.

While my Hobgoblins quietly snuck into the tower (no doubt looting everything they could find) my Lord on Taurus and Sorceror on Lammasu proceeded to murder my opponents artillery crews.

Turn 3 (the hated enemy):

This was a fairly quiet turn for him.  The main Highlight being his Boar unit that fled from it�?Ts own animosity casualties rallied and swung around again ready for action, including the hero who was in the unit and no doubt less than happy.

My Turn 4:

The main highlight of turn 4 was the defeat of my opponent�?Ts Squig unit, which proceeded to explode 11�?� in all directions, killing off some of my mighty Chaos Dwarf Warriors in a decidedly less than glorious fashion.

My Earthshaker successfully slowed down some units on the right flank.

The 2nd Chaos Warrior Chariot fled from combat with the Norse mercenaries, stopping only half an inch from one of my CD warrior units.

His Boar rider unit broke and fled.

Turn 4 (the hated enemy):

The main Highlight for my opponent was the Death of my Giant (who helpfully fell over on the enemy, killing an Orc and wounding the enemy Giant).

The Goblin Infantry and Golfag�?Ts Ogres, who had rallied, began returning to the battle.

The enemy left flank continued to advance.

My Turn 5:

This was probably the pivotal turn of the game.  While my Lord on Taurus mopped up the remaining artillery, my Sorceror Lord on the Lammasu manoeuvred into position to cast spells.

Located just in front of the raised terrain where my opponents artillery had been, he cast burning head down the line of the 4 remaining Boar Cav from the unit that had fled.  Successfully doing a wound was enough to inflict a panic test, which meant the boar riders promptly fled through the Giant, Golfag�?Ts Ogres and an Orc Infantry unit.  The Orcs fled off the table, while Golfag�?Ts Ogres fled to within half an inch of the table edge.  My other wizards then used Lore of Fire to incinerate all but one of the remaining Ogres.

Here we see my opponent looking on in shock at his dice that have just failed him 3 consecutive panic tests:

Turn 5 (the hated enemy):

With his right flank gone this turn mostly just saw my opponent moving his centre and left flank forward.  He declared a Waaagh to help push his troops forward.  

This is the tabletop at the end of turn 5:

He also charged his giant into Beorg Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo (who won the combat)

My Turn 6:

On the left flank Beorg Bearstruck had some help from a Chaos chariot to finish off the Giant.

In the centre the other chariot charged in to help out the CD Warriors against the Trolls (doing one wound which was regenerated).

The Taurus positions himself for a charge and also to crossfire the Orcs that my Bull Centaurs have charged.

The Lammasu positions himself in between two orc units to inflict some terror tests (both of which my opponent failed in his turn).

The Bull Centaurs Flank Charge a unit of Big �?~Uns (which my opponents General had wisely moved out of previously) and breaks them.  They flee into my Taurus and are destroyed.

Turn 6 (the hated enemy):

His remaining Troops on his left flank surge forward in a desperate attempt to get some pay back Orcy Style.

His Trolls flee and are destroyed.

My Turn 7:

The Taurus charges the Black Orcs in the flank.  He wins the combat (despite the fact that the Orc�?Ts Warbanner BSB is in this unit) but fails to break the Black Orcs.

My Wizards have an unusually good turn and slaughter a large number of Savage Orcs.

Turn 7 (the hated enemy):

His surviving Savage Orcs charge my Taurus in the flank.  His hero issues a challenge but does not do any wounds to my.  I lose the combat but hold.

My Turn 8:

This is the last big battle of the game.  Everything I can pile in to the fight gets chucked in.  A Warrior unit and the remaining Bull Centaurs flank charge the Savage Orcs, while another warrior unit flank charges the black Orcs.  Another unit of warriors decided to charge the Black Orc unit in the front.

The Chaos Dwarfs won this fight at which point the Orcs surrendered and were re-enslaved by the Chaos Dwarfs.

So�?� the Chaos Dwarf Empire is safe.  But�?� for how long?

Coming soon:  Legendary battles: Black Orc rebellion �?" 10,000 points.


Very, very cool! :hat off

Two very nice armies that both give me the feel that I had when I started playing all those years ago!


I was there! i was there!

Very cool report Ray.Was very impressive to see all the dollies:hat off

Knight Of Awsome:

awesome game! glade to see that the chaos dwarfs still got a kick in them!:cheers


I was there! i was there!

Very cool report Ray.Was very impressive to see all the dollies:hat off

About time you signed up for this forum (it's taken you long enough). :rolleyes:

The 10k battle report should be interesting. I'll have to take loads of notes for that one....


Now that is a big battle, well done my friend!


The 10k battle report should be interesting.  I'll have to take loads of notes for that one....
Make sure you do it on a different sized table like a L shape and use objective tokens


wow, now that looks so cool and so much fun :cheers

Knight Of Awsome:

Hey could you ask your Friend (or enemy now....) what edition the ork warriors are from?


Probably 3rd edition, maybe some of them are 4th.

He goes in for the older miniatures, same as I do.

I think some of the Black Orcs are from the old “Eaza Ugezodd’s Death Kommandos” box set.

Father Grumpmas:

Doing it ol’ skool my iron clad friend :hat off

Stop encouraging Warpmaster though :sick


Too damn awesome for words! I lovethe old school orc army!


Hey could you ask your Friend (or enemy now....) what edition the ork warriors are from?

Knight Of Awsome

I think the ones in the center of the picture are some of the old Grenadier metal ones from their Fantasy Warriors game (not GW miniatures),

They are sold by Mirliton now


did he say 10,000?



I’d give you slaves for how epic that was, but you have over a thousand, and I’ve got, like, 50.
…Oh what the heck, have a couple anyway.

Awesome report!



Knight Of Awsome

i think the crossbowmen are in trouble INCOMING!!!!!!! :o


i think the crossbowmen are in trouble  INCOMING!!!!!!! :o

With the battle already won he probably just decided to settle a score while his target wasn't looking.
Very Chaos Dwarfy.


Would it be possible to get a closer look on Frank?


Would it be possible to get a closer look on Frank?

This is the best I could find: