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Hello Chaos Dwarves Online, firstly a sincere apology for an absence on the forum, due to temperamental attitudes with the hobby, but I’m back and now doing something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly 4 years at that is have a full playable army, or as for 12 years, actually own a chaos dwarf collection. This will be my second attempt to finally completing this army, and if all goes well, expand it into one of those armies i enviously see displayed and posted throughout the forums.

I started collecting chaos dwarves since they first came out from warhammer forge, so a year or so now, but due to a lack of alternatives (cheap alternatives) that I actually liked as Hobgoblins I found myself losing interest in the army, but then the hobbit came around and gave me a host of new “realistic” goblins to add to the force. Personally I i think these goblin warriors make the perfect substitutes for hobgoblins, sure there noses could be bigger but that’s a minor discrepancy. They are lanky, thin, “chaotic”, have large wound like features (just looks like fire wounds to me which works with chaos dwarves); but most importantly they fit with the WF chaos dwarf range.

Now i have a few pieces to show first time round some I’ve posted before some are new.

First off K’daai Fire born.

About the bits, if you do recognise the pieces don’t be alramed, yes they are the legs of that expensive flesh golem from confrontation, and yes taht means I hacked it with a saw, but it’s ok I’m getting a lot of “bang for my buck”, getting the lower half of three k’daai, actual horns for my K’daai Destroyer and the torso of the flesh golem will go into making a large Necrofex Colossus (with a hint of chaos dwarf). I want these to look like daemons made from bubbling liquid metals bursting out form giant crucibles, the larger one is of course a manburner. Thye still need some touching up here and there.

If anything I want them quite similar to this concept of chronos,


Now about those goblins I’m not doing anything to them other than change the base I like them as they are, but i did need a khan, and i needed to him to look somewhat wealthier than his kin, so i converted grinnah slightly with a Babylonian/Persian slave merchant idea attached to it.

Then there’s the K’daai destroyer made from Drazhoaths taurus, some pieces of resin, liquid green stuff and those beautiful tusks from the flesh golem. Initially I bought Drazhoath to be used as Drazhoath but between doing different Degrees within the next few years I’ll be moving around a lot and I just don’t have the space for a large winged creature in my force, too much room for something so delicate. but after seeing the mock up the real Destroyer model I’m happy I made this one which is based slightly more on the original daemon bull K’daai from Tamurkhan.

And finally for today my hellcanon, I bought the hellcannon initially to make an Iron Daemon, but i just couldn’t resist the barrel, however the frame work didn’t apeal to me, it just cover way too much detail imo so I assembled it like this, like a large corrupted dwarven cannon…whihc really is what a hellcannon is. The hellsmith is the limited ed one and has had the left hand replaced with Drazhoaths crucible. As for Drazhoath he’s locked away for now safely, his right hand will be used to make Astragoth but he will hopefully come back into the log… as Drazhoath before his exile.

Up next Astragoth!..well when all the pieces arrive.


Ah, good to see you here. It is sooo hard to keep aware of threads on warseer.

Ghrask Dragh:

Well this looks promising indeed, great to see those hobbit hobbo’s involved. Looking forward to seeing them painted



Cool stuff! Keep up the good work.

Goltor Lintrepide:

Really looking forward for those k’daai fireborn, great idea!


Look quite a cool idea, well done :slight_smile:


Welcome back and great conversions there.

I am quite enjoying stripping my old big hats and repainting them.

Keep up the good work.

Kera foehunter:

Love the hobbit goblins !! thanks for showing the scale of them next to a cd

Can’t wait to see more


Thanks for all the comments guys, does give me that extra push to make more dwarves and get this log going. so for being so nice I’ll show you astragoth, he’s not 100% complete yet needs some todying up rather than any additional stuff.

so with comprising from nearly 7 different kits, some sculpting, and almsot 4 weeks planning, I give you my astragoth kitbash/sculpt.

my Chaos dwarf daemonsmith, using bits form the infernal command group and an arm swap form the daemonsmith set, quite want him to look more like an engineer as Astragoth leans more towards the mechanically minded.

and this one is still being decided wether to be an Infernal Castellan or daemonsmith, i do know i will be making an arabyan carpet but in what ever form chaos dwarves would have… atm I’m thinking a sheet of scales with some form of engine (well the small daemonsmith engine form the pack)

and my horde unpainted so far, makes me happy see the collection come together, and makes me nervous to see how much i need to paint, whihc will commence in the coming week or so.


Next update should consist of painting and perhaps the beginning of of soem bull centaurs.

Kera foehunter:

I like the look of your Astragoth I like how you updated him to fit your Army
Congrades on the labor you put into him It pay off



Keep the good work coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ghrask Dragh:

Holy snapping duck crap, that looks incredible. Cant make out most of it but I know its good! Really looking forward to seeing that one painted


@kera foehunter & yodrin, cheers, time well spent imo, though it was a bit of an ordeal to decide what bits to use.

@Ghrask Dragn, thank you very much, made me think so I took a few clearer pictures with my girl friends camera which has much better focus and macro, etc.


I do really like your cannon sir, simple and pretty cool. Mind showing us your skills with the brush?


@Clawleader, thanks mate, i do evetually want to start paining them, but not until I base the whole army…

…and about the basing, I’m going for the technique i used with the Destroyer, that is a little bit of resin choppped up (good way to use all the sprues from fw) and then apply some liquid greenstuff which gives i nice soft earth like texture.

now a big update for me but maybe not so much for you the viewer, i did some surgery to Astragoth, changed his head, using the one form the daemonsmith kit which is carried by the castellan. I much prefer this head, looks more like Astragoth and more like an old yet powerful wizard, and quite like the marks of petrification.

and a Daemonsmith with the Arabyan carpet, or in my terms, Hellkite. I made a hallkite some time ago essentially a chaos dwarf gyrocpter but the idea never went through, so now using teh same type of concept I went for a smaller version for my daemonsmith to fly around the battlefield casting spells of fire at hordes and destroying war-machine crew.

and finally the daemonsmith which I never liked (as a daemonsmith), really could never think of a function for him but now I have. will be using him as crew leader in my hellcanon, i will be then using another crew with a tall hat so that all the hellcanon crew have large helms, and then convert a magma canon into an iron daemon, with a caged chaos dwarf as the third crew member, it will probably make more sense when I show it to you in pictures when i complete it.



I really like the Hellcannon also. Nice job.