[Archive] Legion of Azgorh Endless Spells

Thommy H:

Since it looks like GW might be about to do their own - or Shadows of Hashut at least - here are some rules I put together a little while ago that I thought I’d share before they become obsolete!

Most of the existing Endless Spells basically follow one of a small set of mechanics, with some slight variations. So if these look a bit like the Gnashing Jaws, Everblaze Comet and Suffocating Gravetide…well, that’s intentional.


LoA Endless Spells


Neat! Thanks for your ongoing labours, Thommy. Flawlessly true to GW layout as always.


Thanks for the contribution Thommy H! Very nice work as always!! We�?Tre lucky to have you!



The layout looks great! Thanks.


…and they are not obsolete. Looks like the Bull spell belongs to Beasts of Chaos. :slight_smile:


Great job on these, look pro!