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Hi all

Just started painting and designing the Legion. Am yet to base and do shields, however looking for opinions on the colour scheme.

Armour (blackshard) is Vallejo yellow olive

Blue is mordian blue

Orange is the old Hobgoblin orange

Skin is dheneb stone

Weapon handle is charadon granite



The colors are very well applied. The model looks beautiful! I like the blueish hue you gave to the beard. It lacks a little bit of depth though (the beard I mean)… Maybe you can highlight it a little bit more???


I think it works well. I’ve got scale armour and hats that are orange, washed with asurman blue in my so-far finalised scheme. and blu-ish beards too. The more the merrier


I was actually thinking of blue-inking the metal or even a green ink.

Hmmm. Something to think about.


Classic on classic, good look.


I did the wash the axe blades with asurman blue too as i have been trying to get the "blued gun metal look’ sort of right for a while now. But the green ink would lend itself more to verdigris wouldn’t it?


Oh I am not looking to age the metal as much as to give it a sheen in line with the olive yellow of the armour.

I may do some test cases.

I just received ~30 Chaos Dwarf minis to add to the legion so I am pretty stoked at the moment.

That gives me the following to paint:

27 Blunderbuss

47 Warriors

Needless to say that I hope RL does not catch up and stop me on this project like it has so many others…


Nice to see them in none red and gold colours:D


Still just painting away at base troops however I stopped after my package arrived.

What are people’s thoughts on these for Kdaii Fireborn?

I did not think much of the size at first but then I think it has grown on me. If it helps I may place them on rocks.

I fully intend on green-stuffing flames and having some smoke coming out of those pipes.

One arm is cut off to act as a flamer of sorts.

I may even cut into the torso and find a grill to place there


really nice :wink:

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Kera foehunter:

you made that plastic cd look great Mr frogbear

Great job


Thanks all for your encouraging words

Still just playing around with the idea of grills and different numbers of ‘chimneys’ for the kdaii

Also playing around with an idea I have had for a while regarding the Skull Cracker.

There will be a driver sitting out the top as well ‘driving’ the bull



Interesting! What did you use for the chimneys?


Interesting! What did you use for the chimneys?

If you go into any hardware shop head towards the gardening section. They should have items for watering the garden (specifically the pipes that sit below ground level and have tubes coming out of the ground to provide a spray of water. You should find packs of the 'chimneys' there quite cheap. They are double ended so you get a real good 'bang' for your 'buck'.

I hope this helps



Cool, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind as a potential source of conversion bits.


Nice and original colour scheme, gentleman. And that conversions have a good face.

Keep up the good work.


I decided to add an Iron Daemon to the force.

I have had this miniature lying around for 10+ years so I was finally happy to have a use for it

The driver is perfect for this vehicle. As you can see he is lifting the visor to get a better look and about to grab a handle

So putting him in this ‘Iron Daemon’ means he is looking through the view holes either ready to fire or pull back on the lever to enact the steam cannonade

The colour may seem a little bland but I wanted a dark iron look with a very much ‘no messing around’ type of feel. This is a vehicle used in the every day aspect of CD life on the move.


OMG your iron daemon is so brutal :slight_smile:

it seems to be bigger than 10x60cm, it isn’t?


Hi Babis

10cmx60cm? Is that really the size of the FW Iron Daemon? Seems pretty thin…

What I can say is that the hull of my Iron Daemon is the width of a Chariot base - so the tracks are on either side

The Iron Daemon does not have a base size, but if I get people that are so nit-picky, I will give them two options:

1. We play by the hull of the Iron Daemon (Chariot Base Size) or
2. They accept the size of what I bring due to the fact that there is no base size.

Either way I am not fussed and it works both ways, they will not be able to use the ‘tracks’ for LOS purposes for their War Machines if they accept option 1.

I would be curious to know what people advise of the size of a FW Iron Daemon and their thoughts on the above.

As for being brutal, thanks for that. Exactly what I was going for :slight_smile:


the FW iron daemon stands nicely in a “screming bell” base (which is 10x60) ^^

but this is also true that FW does not provide any base in thier ID packages

btw, it looks like a 40K vindicator too ^^