[Archive] Legion of Uzkulak 2990pts Tournament report (LoA list)


Hi there,

I went to a tournament last week end with a LoA list:)

It was a 2990 pts no limit tournament, special characters allowed, 34 players.

I played against no limit lists, but there wasn’t only no limit lists (lucky matchings…).

My list wasn’t no limit, I wanted to play the minis I’ve painted. Here it is :

Level 4 on bale taurus, death lore, charmed shield, talisman of preservation

Level 1, metal lore, enchanted shield, dispell scroll

BSB castellan, dragon helm, shield

19 infernals guards, FC, flaming banner

225 hobgoblins, bows, shields, musician, standard

36 hobgoblins, shields, FC

2 magma

1 deathshiecker

3 bull centaur, shield

1 destroyer

2 hellcannons

Another friend played a no limit list, with 2 destroyers, 3 magma, 2 deathshriecker, and level 4 lore of hashut.

I found the death lore far better than the hashut lore : more versatile, the army gets everything to deal with units, but not against characters. The hashut lores lacks hex spells or augment spell, and only the arsh storm is wonderful, though the flames of Azgorh can be awesome (but scatters…).

The blazing body rule was played with natural 6.

My games :

1) Dwarfs no limit : 3 runics cannons, 3 runics stone throwers, 2 organ guns, hammerers+lord on shieldbearers, …

A boring list, played in a corner. As I knew that I couldn’t win the duel of fire, I made a draw 10-10, playing in the opposite corner…

2) Skavens no limit : bell, furnace, 2 cannons, 26 poisoned runners, 2 hellpits, slaves and all…

The player played first, and killed my bale taurus turn 1…

I kill its furnace with a lucky rocket turn 1 despite the storm banner…

Then, the player feared so much the destroyer that an hellpit did nothing, I caught the plague monks with an hellcannon, slaves with another one, clanrats weakened by a magma shot with 3 bull centaurs, and with a wrong placement, the grey seer with the destroyer…

I killed hundred of rats, but I lost warmachines against the runners, and hellpit+13th spell caught some hobgoblins, so that finally, with no points for the bell, hellpits, and so on, it was a minor victory 11-9

3) Empire with the fortress, 70 troops in it+5engineers hochland guns+light sorcerers, 2 steamtanks, 1 war altar, 30 flagellants.

I couldn’t take any steam, I killed the war altar but not the character…

The destroyer couldn’t go out of the hill without sanctions…

So I lost the game : minor defeat 8-12

4) Daemons no limit with bloodthirster, light lore, changeling and skulltaker on juggernaut, 5 bloodcrushers, 25 bloodletters, 25 daemonettes+herald siren song, 20 pink horrors, 6 fiends of slaa, 2
5 furies

The bloodthirster missed a 10+ charge on my warmachines, then I caught him with one hellcannon and hobgoblins till the end of the game.

The destroyer killed the fiends, then the remaining bloodletters, hobgoblins thanks to the increased death spell -1S and -1T won against the remaining daemonettes, and killed them with the help of the destroyer. The BC caught the horrors, the changeling was killed with a spirit leech, the skulltaker with a magma shot.

There was only the bloodthirster at the end.

Victory 20-0

5) Ogres no limit : 1 level 4 mouth, fencer blade, 4+ ward, level 1 fire belly, 1 BSB, 12 ironguts , 68 gnoblars, 9 maneaters stubborn and scout (ouch!), 6 leadbelchers, 3*1 sabertusks, 3 mournfang, 2 ironblasters

He played first, and shot a magma. The second killed 3 ogres, and then was caught by a 12+ charge of a sabertusk…

The bale taurus flied just on the flank, one ironblaster blew up, the second shot the destroyer but I passed the ward save, then the destroyer charge the gnoblars, the bale taurus caught the remaining ironblaster, the gnoblars finished by fleeing and were caught by the destroyer, which then caught the leadbelchers.

The ironguts failed to kill all the guards holed up in a house, one hellcannon charge the mournfang after they killed 3 bull centaurs and kill them.

Finally, it was a minor victory : 11-9

I finished 8th.

The second player 12th.

The LoA list is very pleasant to play. Very happy with this list, and friendly to play in the opinion of my opponents.

The match up against Empire or Dwarfs are lost very often… Against the skaven army, it’s a very difficult game. So that the list isn’t so strong in tournament, as we breaks one or two games in 5 games…

Magma cannons are broken. Destroyer is strong, but easy to redirect. The very long deathshriecker wording makes it unable to shot in indirect shot, which is annoying when hills are played like in the rulebook : blocks line of sight…

Death lore seems to me more complementary to our warmachines than the hashut lore.

The bale taurus is nice, but the no save makes it pretty tricky to play. I liked the Ld10 bubble for my hobgoblins units.

The metal lore, for the signature spell wasn’t so needed : difficult to cast (10+) for a level 1 sorcerer, and the fire lore (with fireball) seems to me better to kill redirecting units when you get 1-2 dices thanks to the death lore, because those 1-2 dices weren’t enough to cast a 10+ spell… And the signature spell doesn’t help me much against the steamtank when there was two (and no irresistible force against MANY dispell dices…), whereas the fireball is very helpfull against every one : hydra, hellpits, … I will try it, or the ruby ring.

Bowmens hobgobs were great. The best option for them : bow+shields. The unit with only shield wasn’t bad, but some shots were needed in order to remove light redirecting units.

Bull Centaurs by 3 with T5 and 2+ armour save are great to hold thing with S3. My friend played them by 3 with great weapon without success : only 2A, and the 3+AS makes a great change between 2+ AS…

It’s obvious that the more points we play, the better the LoA list is.

I need to play it in scenary games.

Next step!:slight_smile:

Thanks for reading:)


Few questions, Zhatan:

1. Did the Empire player have multiple units in the building? Or just one seventy model unit with a bunch of characters in it?

2. Why was the hill blocking LoS? I mean, I’ve found that in every place I’ve gone to and played, there’s yet to be a hill big enough to block the true LoS from a Chaos Dwarf warmachine {the nice thing about Forgeworld’s train idea, is that it makes them enormous, and gives them virtually unlimited LoS}

Great showing, thanks for the report!


1. Did the Empire player have multiple units in the building? Or just one seventy model unit with a bunch of characters in it?
Only one unit, but with 5 engineers, one lord, and 2 level 1 light wizards...
2. Why was the hill blocking LoS?
Very often, in France, we play the hills as written in the rulebook page 10 : hills (and buildings) block the line of sight.


I checked page ten, but all it says is that “very often they will block line of sight”, not that they were an exception to standard LoS rules. Weird. Different countries, different rulings I suppose.

And that is a lot of dudes crammed into that shed. Heh.

How did you find the dual Hellcannons? Would you take them again in a tournament scenario?


I’m surprised you didn’t take the lore of Hashut…


I checked page ten, but all it says is that "very often they will block line of sight", not that they were an exception to standard LoS rules.
That's what I wanted to say by "very often". Hills block line of sight in many tournaments here but not all.
How did you find the dual Hellcannons? Would you take them again in a tournament scenario?
Better than 2 destroyers.
But I must admit I get no misfire 1 (except in training games...).
I find the hellcannon very useful either to fire on units, or to go in close combat... Very often, I play them agressivly.
I'm surprised you didn't take the lore of Hashut...
I have said why in the first post : not enough versatile to me.