[Archive] Legion of Zharr [AoS]

Thommy H:

"Born of the corrupting power of the Dark Gods during the Age of Chaos, the duardin of the Legion of Zharr are a force of unrepentant malice across the face of the realms. Engineers, slavers and sorcerers in equal measure, they march out from their temple-cities with conquest and domination in their cruel hearts…"

All right. Here’s something I’ve been working on for a little while. Technically, this is a new warscroll compendium, but it’s actually a bit more than that (as you’ll see from the format) and contains battle traits, command traits, a spell lore and artefacts. And, crucially, pitched battle profiles (i.e. points)!

Get it here.

Some designer’s notes for this iteration of “chaos dwarfs”:

  • I’ve tried to avoid overlap with the units in the Legion of Azgorh compendium. None of the units invented by Forge World appear in this list, with the exception of the Destroyer (because they didn’t make rules for it), and the Daemonsmith and Bull Centaurs (because they already existed). If you want to mix the units, use the FW rules, or profiles from my previous compendia. You might have to tinker with keywords a bit, of course.

  • This originally began life as a fairly limited set of warscrolls for the classic 4th/5th Edition range, with options limited to those that had models only. I’ve retained this limitation for these legacy units, which means you might find some options you’re used to seeing in fan lists not present. One example is that Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders lack spears, as there were never any models armed that way.

I think that’s everything. Enjoy!


At it again? That Hashut itch must scratch. Good work as usual, and I’m sure people will find it useful. Stickied. :hat off

Timothy Archer:

that is an incredible work , once again thanks Thommy . this is gonna be really useful and its really beautiful


great job :hat off

what about points for this warscrolls?

Thommy H:

Points are on the last page!


thanx :cheers

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