[Archive] Legions Games' "Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League"


Legions Games will begin hosting its “Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League” starting on September 3rd. Each player will start with 3 territories worth of board position on our store map. Armies may be chosen from any of the current Warhammer fantasy army books, as well as the Indy GT “Dwarfs of Chaos” book. Games will be played in accordance with 8th edition rules. Initial army size will be 750pts and this points allowance will grow with the coming months of play. More details to follow soon.

Legions games is just north of Pittsburgh PA, at

Legions Games; Pines plaza Shopping Center

1130 Perry Highway

Pittsburgh PA 15237

Every Friday we are open until 2AM!!! You are all more than welcome to come on down and get a game in if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area.

For more information on our store visit our website at www.legionsgames.com

I hope this was not too commercial, I just want to see some more love for the evil stunties.

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