[Archive] Legitimacy of home made models?


Forgeworld models are expensive and there are some army lists entries for which no models have been made. what reaction do you have when you present your own versions of these models?

For example, I have a deathrocket which I now use as a deathshrieker rocket rather than the FW model.

I’ve not had any problems so far, but these have been games with friends (in fact, one of my friends gave me an arachnorok spider when I told him that was the size of base the destroyer was meant to be on - so no problems using a big spider instead of a big bull), and not at tournaments.

I don’t go to many tournaments but when I do I would like to use my own models.

Any thoughts?


It’s one of those things that will ‘just depend’. Most big tournaments will have some sort of guidelines as to what you can use. If they don’t or you’re still not sure, then you’ll have to ask them A quick e-mail with some decent photos attached should clear things up. My guess is that for most independent tournaments the sort of substitutions that you are talking about should be fine (a good rule of thumb is it should be immediately obvious to your opponent what a model represents. GW organised events, might be a bit more strict.


As long as you are bringing GW stuff I think it’s ok. For example I cannot see why death rockets cannot be death shriekers… maybe you can add a larger base, just in case.

GW warriors can be Infernal Guard, really do not see any problem.

Almost every old model can be used in the new list.

K’daiis, magma cannons and something else cannot be portrayed by old GW Chaos Dwarfs models but you can use something else as long as it’s GW model…

But, yes asking first to the tournament organizers is always a good solution!


I never have a problem with it. Although it will vary from tournie to tournie and gaming group to gaming group.

Thommy H:

No, you don’t have to use the official models. You never have to use a specific model for anything - just as long as it looks like what it’s supposed to be, or looks like something the rules could represent. These are called WYSIWYG and Counts-As respectively.

Groznit Goregut:

I know in the US it doesn’t matter at all. Well, it depends on the event, but I’ve not heard of someone allowing home built models. This is especially true if there aren’t any models available or only Forge World models.

I see Death Shriekers as just the new name of the old model. It’s like saying you can’t use Ogre Bulls as they are now just Ogres. Or maybe it’s better to say you can’t use older edition models for current rules.


I know we are talking about using old models for the new models - I think the new list was written partly with this in mind, so I wouldn’t count it as a problem - but can I add some more, related, points.

First - I have a Death Shrieker made from GW bits. I would consider this a conversion and therefore mainly passable, even in GW stores.

Second - I’m having a go at sculpting my own IG models, from scratch (what I would consider ‘homemade’). I’m not sure GW stores would allow them to be used, just as much as they wouldn’t like Mantic models used in their stores.

Has anyone had any trouble with these? I think outside of GW Stores or ‘official’ tournaments, there shouldn’t be any problems. If you’re playing with a friend and they don’t allow, don’t play them again.

I do think, unless you have a good fluffy reason for your CDs having a giant spider, using it as a K’daii destroyer would fall in the realm of fizz-repping, and although permissible in the odd friendly game it’s just not cricket.


I’ve used homemade stuff for years with no problems. Its GW greenstuff/bitz after all.

Tournies have no obligations to GW whatsoever, they should allow anything that is reasonably recognisable as what it represents.


I’ve never disallowed home made models in my own tournaments, and I’ve never seen people in other tournaments disallow them. Going to a GW store and putting down your own sculpted items is acceptable here in California. Going in and slapping down a unit of mantic dwarves is not. If you heavily converted Chaos Dwarves from mantic dwarves and brought them to the same store, you’d probably be welcome with open arms (so long as you had substantive GW product in your entire army).


All greenstuff is considers GW greenstuff as there is no way of telling it isnt. I’ve played many GV tournaments ans I know what the rule were.

Converting GW models to represent something else is allowed, conversions must be GW models to start with. and from what I’ve seen self sculpted models were always considered awesome and nothing more.

Its the 3rd party stuff they make a fuss about.

But if the tournament isnt GW and your model is WYSIWYG there should be no discussion whatsoever.

Then again, there are some idiots out there… but in general, they attend not organize tournaments.

(Dont forget, If you play CD’s all the Warhammer veterans will Love your army so as long as you dont play as a complete idiot yourself you have the “Cool Gamer” advantage in any discussion you might get in)