[Archive] Lessons learned from 3 player battle

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

Well, the 3 way battle between CD’s, Lizardmen and Tomb Kings didn’t go too well for my CD’s. There was a lot to be learned by the end of the evening. We played 2 games and I got walked over.

However, on our second game, I used 2 units of 12 blunderbusses and marched these guys around the battlefield no more than 1 inch appart from each other at all times and in rank and file of 4 wide, 3 deep.

This strategy worked quite well for me as I was able to approach and fire upon the engaged units of Tomb Kings VS Lizard Men without even getting hit by, or coming into base contact with either army.

Once I was in range with the fighting units, I was able to open fire, first with unit #1 and then with unit #2. By using this strategy, I claimed the lives of 8+ Lizardmen and was able to inflict 3 wounds on the Bone Giant. (The Lizardmen got the other 3 wounds in close combat.)

Secondly, the Stegadon was able to charge and bash into my army, inflicting many fatal wounds. However, once this was finished, the Stegadon fell under normal close combat conditions. Here, I was able to hammer on the giant dino with my Blunderbuss unit in close combat. I inflicted a wound on the beast just by hiting it with the butt of the gun. In future games I might just try and charge the Stegadon.

Finally, I learned to have an objective for the next game. Instead of spreading out the army to attack the nearest enemy unit, I will try to focus on two or three specific units and ignore the rest until my objective has been met.

For example, if I focused on taking out the Bone Giant and Stegadon, then I could have alloted a unit as a “Kill” unit and had the other units run interference for the Kill unit. This way, I could have had my Hobgoblin Warriors march onto the Stegadon to bait it. Once the Stegadon was engaged with the Hobo unit, I could have used the Sneaky Gits to charge in and attack the Steg on it’s flank. The Hobo archer unit behind the Sneaky Gits then could have taken care of the Lizardmen resistance force that would be sent out to save the Steg.

Oh well, I can still use this strategy for the next game.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Update - Know your army and the rules.