[Archive] let me� � introduce me and my army


hi there :hat off

for about 2 years i am watching this really grat site! but without an army of cd’s it dont feel right…

but now they are finished (more or less)

so i finaly get the balls to get registered and show you my army!

ps: please dont be terrified of my orthography, it wasnt the best, and through the years, without using, it hasnt become better i think :frowning:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Nice taurus, which models is that. not to fond on the hat on the banner, but that’s just my opinion.

Da Crusha:

oh nice army, the taurus is the winged nightmare isn’t it?


Like that demon-taurus-creature-thing as well! :slight_smile:


thanks! :slight_smile:

yes its the body of a winged nightmare! the head is from a confrontation model (“lent” from my brother ;))

the hat upon the banner, yes…

i was very proud of that idea…

a few days later i saw pics of tjub’s army…

then i recognise i onely copy it without knowing

iam sorry for that :frowning:

so ähm…yes…

ive forgot some pics of my erruption guns/blunderbuss regiment monsters, never been used…

a false start of the cd project, but i like them

Glimpse the Void:

I like the characters. The mage and standard bearer have alot of, well, character.

Waste Rider:

hail Obelix,

I’m enjoying your take on CDs a lot, the hat on the banner is a good way to commemorate a fallen comrade :smiley:
These are really great. Also, a hearty welcome to the CDO forums :cheers

Edit: Oh, a better look at the Wheel of Hashut if your able sometime, seems like a mean piece of work!
Edit Edit: Please, I mean… lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work!!! thank you for sharing!


The army looks great. It looks very consistent and uniform, across all the minis. The red that you have used looks very striking, and it is quite a nice contrast against the green-skins. The bases are HUGE!!!, which gives the minis an imposing look. Overall it great job. The whole army would look very impressive on the gaming table.

Oh yeah, I forgot to welcome you to the forums. So…welcome to the forums Obelix, I am glad that you decided to join us.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Nice work! Have you calculated your army size?


Wow! nice introduction! Great looking force! I love the idea of using the doomwheel as a deamon eater! and I think the hat banners are ace! nice blend of confrontation artillery! Can’t wait to see more!


wow! thank you guys! havent expected this…:o

amrysice is a little more than 2000p but wave nr2 is in progress :smiley:

so there are some pics of the whole army and the “doomwheel eater”


The doom wheel eater is a cool idea (to pricey for me :smiley: )

Waste Rider:

Very nice! I didn’t suspect there was a pair of em’! :smiley: you’ve got a wicked force put together here and I like those Demoneaters…

may the bones of all those who oppose you be crushed with them! :yar


Welcome on the CDO forum! Very nice job and painting and some really hot unique idea! I like them all… BUT!! What’s about the bases? :o or just half finished? I need some beer… :cheers


äh…the bases are finished :~

they should look like cooled down lawa…hope so…

prost :cheers


Looks nice, I like the “your add could go here” unit filler ^^

keep it up!


puh, some time has pased since the last time.

well, family, the job, find some love in athel loren, you know…

but back in red :hat off its time to show some pics of my last projekt:

infernogolems build from space marine terminators

the last 2 will follow…

Obsidian Muse:

Chaos Dwarf Terminators? Run for the hills!


Novel and interesting approach to cds, oh, happy BDay!