[Archive] LF bull centaurs


im looking for cheap bull centaurs, post yer on sale Bcs here and i’ll pm you, command groups doesent matter. prefer em in a group of 5

hats off:hat off


“LF” ?

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“Looking For” i guess.

You might struggle to get people to part with Bull Centaurs “cheap”. I’d imagine most will want the current going rate (which is shown in the “going rates” thread.


okey not cheap just bull centaurs then =)


you can convert them from the ponys in the dwarf miner kit

i’t preaty cheap


ye i know you can but can i buy the ponies seperatly?

buying 5 bfsp boxes in not an option

Groznit Goregut:

You can buy the grudge carts off ebay vendors. I think I have even seen people selling them in groups of 3.


ok thanks i’ll look around