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Hi there.

I’m here with a simple question, do you guys know any good all around sculpting set to give as bday present for my best friend?

Do you people have any link and/or any good advice? the price range should be something around…mh…60ish euro? Yes more or less. (group present)

He has nothing at all aside few rudimentals tools we created.

Thx for all your help! :hat off


clay shapers

Colour Shaper Clay Shaper Set of 5 Size 0 | Cass Art | Cass Art


clay shapers


Is that good gor work with GS too?
what eventually adding those?

Fuggit Khan:

You should ask Admiral and Rozmax what tools they use, both of them are the best sculptors here on CDO. Their work is incredible!


I’ve got this set, which I think is quite nice:


I’m no pro though, and don’t actually use half of the tools.


Try Heresy Miniatures: http://heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=66_70&sort=4d&page=2


That’s a pretty big budget for sculpting tools. I myself have the greenstuff tool from GW, some from Army Painter, from Green Stuff World and some dentist tools. … I mostly just use 1 off them, my hobby knife, my scalpel and my homemade “rivet-thingy”. Sometimes I need to the the others.

I would suggest you go to Green Stuff World and get some stuff. Service is great and the quality of the tools is good. 60eur will let you by a lot of stuff from them. So my suggestion is to get:

So I suggest the following as a nice allround package:

3 sculpting tool kit (he’ll never need the 10 piece kit)

Hobby drill and drill bits - I use it all the time!

Roll maker a great tool for time saving and beginner sculpters. Let’s you make rope, beards, dreadlock, tentacles, wires etc.

That’s only 27.25eur and then a 4eur added in shipping or something like that.

Depending on his army you could add some more neat stuff. GSW have very cheap greenstuff, hobby chain, small gears, or perhaps a rolling pin (this one makes couple stone, great for city bases).


Thank you all, those were really great links! you people are amazingly helpful as Always!


You should ask Admiral and Rozmax what tools they use, both of them are the best sculptors here on CDO. Their work is incredible!

Fuggit Khan
Thanks a lot, but I only use a sharpened GW sculpting tool, and occassionally a needle and even a sharp hobby knife for fine details. That's all. We could ask Rozmax what he use, but others have provided great help already. :)

I've heard good things about clay shapers, not least for sculpting wavy textiles, which is hard to do smoothly with a normal sculpting tool. Might be worth to acquire.

Also, you could ask for used dentist tools for free on the local dentistry. They throw them away regularly, and will give you some if you ask and if they have any "in stock." They could come in handy for sculpting chainmail in particular, since it's tiring for the hand to pick out every hole in the chainmail with a mere needle.