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Just been given a copy of Liber Chaotica - my friend used to live with a GW store manager and it ended badly, he moved out and never picked up his stuff so she has given it to me!

Is it any good - worth a read? I loved the Tamurkhan book


Been a while since I read it, but as far as I can recall it’s very good; gives a lot of details on the Chaos Gods, their realms and their followers and is useful for ideas for theming/fluff for Chaos armies. Be warned though, it uses a ‘handwriting’ style font throughout, so (iirc) sometimes it can be hard to read what’s written. Also, have a mirror handy as if I recall, some parts are written back to front.

Also, for me, it’s one of the few times John Blanche’s artwork is appropriate as it works well as the scribblings of a deranged mind done by the in-universe author/editor as he’s driven slowly insane by the corrupting knowledge within the tome.

Also, if you like the concept of Fantasy and 40k co-existing, then LC canonicises it as the in-universe author is granted visions of the 40k universe by the Chaos Gods (although as I recall it’s left ambiguous as to whether the Warhammer World is a planet in the 40k galaxy or whether the Realm of Chaos/Polar Gates are inter-dimensional portals that connect to the Warp and Fantasy and 40k are separate, but connected universes).


Wow, thanx for that review. Sounds like it will be a good read.


Liber Chaotica is an amazing book. Is it the omnibus containing all five books and the fith Chaos Undivided?


I think so it says volumes 1-5


I think its OK for what I paid for it at the time, for the price they go for now I wouldn’t bother. The artwork is good but the writing is average, and as dinadan says the fonts can get very irritating very quick. If your not really into chaos its a bit much but otherwise pretty interesting. There might be a small chaos dwarf bit in the undivided see section.


Yeah, I got it for nothing - I’ll read it and if I like it then I’ll keep it if not - ebay!


Check out the Liber Chaotica: Hashut, I believe it’s sticked in the stories and background section :cheers

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

I have always loved it. The perspective is very cool. Great images and filled with inspiration.

Bronze Bull:

I love the book and it makes a great prop for LARPs but the font can be hard to read.


The notes on Hashut are in the Khorne section I believe.