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Down on the page for this forum you got three links to other chaos armies. To me it seems one is missing, namly a link to the best beast of chaos forum:


I think we should put that one up too. Its a great forum with many nice guys. I know this as I use that forum much(as I also have a beastarmy).

Traitor King:

You are right, it is the best beast forum (im a regular there). However, the links to Cotec and TDL are there because they (along with us) are apart of the chaos star. As of now the herdsotne are not actuly memebers but we’re trying to get them to join (i know flying beaver made a thread over there with this purpose)


Hashut’s Blessing:

TK has explained it perfectly. The links at the bottom are our sister-sites.


I’m a member there as well, I’ve been collecting beastmen since 2002 I just love 'em!


Good to know, its a wonderful site and forum and beasts needs much support also as one of the smaller existing armies at the moment.

Traitor King:

Ae, is quite a small army buty at least they got an army book and models! (2 books counting Hordes).

but yes, the forum is rather good, its a great community over there!


I have never heard of any of the chaos forums, where can I find the links? (As the owner of a 15,000pts Chaos Army, I’ve wanted a resource like this for ages.

Lord Zarkov:

At the bottom of the forum index page


Why thank you

Traitor King:

yeah, you’ll want the demaonic leagion for deamons and Chamber of the everchosen for mortals. these are both linked below. The best beast site is the 'stone which Nazhur metioned.