[Archive] list for friendly games


Hi guys,

need some serious help and offer slaves!

Having never before taken my CDs to the table I am offered the possibility for some friendly games accepting LoA or Tommys list.

Enemies could be Skaven, O&G and Empire.

In addition I would use the biggest playable list for acquiring my army medal.

ATM I have


2*Sorc.-Lord on foot




2 Wolfkhans



50 Warriors FC (could be 2 units 25 each, one HWS, one GW)

15 Hobgobs HW/S FC

24 Hobgobs HW/S FC


6 Kdaai with Manburner

16 Blackorcs (Would be accepted as DoW)

2 Hobgob Boltthower (One could be a 2nd Deathshrieker)


2 MagmaCannon




Hi DAGabriel. I’ll make you an army medal list - going for as many points as possible using LoA (with 50% heroes and 50% lords allowance). I’m asuming all your posted stuff is painted.

Your amount of core troops will determine the medal (minimum 25% core). And your hobgoblins must be fielded in minimum 20 models a unit (so stick a bolt thrower crew member in there).

Sorc-Prof, lvl 4, hashut, blood of hashut, naptha bombs, chalice of blood and darkness, talisman of preservation, iron curse icon - 435p

Sorc-Prof, lvl 4, fire (pyromodel), blood of hashut, naptha bombs, mask of the furnace, dispel scroll, biting blade - 435p

Sorc-Prof, lvl 4, death, blood of hashut, naptha bombs, stone mantle, dark mace - 435

Sorc-Prof, lvl 4, metal, pistol - 305


Castellan, bsb, talisman of endurance, black hammer of hashut, dragonhelm, shield, pistol - 212

Khan, wolf, spear, light armour, mask of eee - 83

Khan, wolf, spear, light armour, Ruby ring of ruin - 83


21 IG: FC, Naptha bombs, Razor Standard - 334p

29 IG: FC, naptha bombs, GW - 443p

20 Hobgoblins: FC, Shield - 112p

20 Hobgoblins: FC, Shield - 112p

= 1001p (pffw. Some tweaking, but legal and possible with your miniatures)

Magma Cannon, hellbound - 170p
Magma Cannon, hellbound - 170p
Deathshrieker, hellbound - 125p

6 Fireborn, manburner - 340p

= 805p

Hellcannon, 210p

= 210p

In total: 4004 points


Wow, 4k? THX a lot. Am just finishing 2 preslotta Hobgobs, so no need for the crewmember.
The friendly game list would be for 1500 or 2000 points, said I would look how many painted ones I could manage.
Don`t think I will manage the pics this weekend due to family BDays, but will go fo it one of the next ones.