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In the next couple of months I will slowly start to build up a chaos dwarf/dwarf army. It will not be converted too much, as it will double in as a dwarf army from time to time, so I will mostly go for a dark and moody color selection, with the odd skull and the like added here and there. I’m aiming at 1750 pts first.

I was wondering if people have any experiences with a cd army with little or no slaves in it. Are we dependant on the slaves to make it work? I was thinking only using 3x5 wolf riders with bows from our selection of greenskins.


Hi Skitter,

You can not use any / many greenskins - however 40 point 20 man units of hobgblins add so much to the flexibilty of our army (not to mention wolfboys who by the way need to be in units of at least 10) that you will get better results (and have more fun) using them.

Hope that helps




Oh darn… didn’t notice the little detail about minimum unit size. Will have to consider either a 10 strong wolfboy and 2x20 infantry then, or two 10 strong wolfboys.


Oh darn... didn't notice the little detail about minimum unit size. Will have to consider either a 10 strong wolfboy and 2x20 infantry then, or two 10 strong wolfboys.

Yes it means our wolf boys have to be used differently - Tommy H is the Guru of wolfboys so if you want advice email / PM him

Time of Madness:

Hobgolins fulfill many roles. They work well as throw away units and protect flanks/reidrect/bait etc.

That being said I don’t think you “need” to take them to make a successful list. I’m a firm believer in loading up your points on T4 CD’s backed up by a little shooting.

Time of Madness


I’ve rune pure dwarf Chaos Dwarfs. I personally enjoyed it, though you will be playing a much more defensive game.

If you can, make a Great Taurus… mount it on a 40x40 (legal size for gyrocopter) and have it able to magnatize to a 50x50. The Taurus allows for some killing power and mobility… and just looks cool too.

I like them, but it is a bit limiting. You could use Bull Centaurs as DoW heavy cav I think.

It can work, if you’re willing to sacrafice a bit of versatility.

Edit: I do run with a unit of Orcs these days, and a Hobgoblin archer unit. If I had more Hobgoblins, or converted some up, I’d take some. I do have wolf riders sitting out waiting to be finished and I may just add them honestly.

Pure Dwarf can be fun, and look intimidating, but if you can find a way to field some green and have options for using them in a Dwarf list, I’d do it.


Agree with Ubertechie. If you want a cheapo solution then you can make rock golems out of clay and use them as HGs.


I do like your idea Cornixt, as then he could use them for ironbreakers or slayers perhaps.

Alternately: you could make young dwarfs who have really short, no beards yet, and run them as ‘beardlings’ in the regular Dwarf list (regular warriors) and your CD warriors as Longbeards/Hammerers/Ironbreakers.


Well, I played CD in the 90’s, so I have both the taurus and the lammasu model, and a few blunderblusses and warriors collecting dust somewhere. No hobgoblins though, only used orcs and goblins as slaves back then. The new list will be based on new models, but the taurus and lammasu will make their way into the list at some point past the 2k mark.

I play high elves, skaven and tomb kings too, so going for a bit more defensive list is a nice change.

I guess hobgoblin units can do pretty much the same as skaven slaves.

Guess I will have some hobgoblins as “close support charge redirecting units”.


Skitter- since hobgobs are on a 20mm base there is no reason why you can’t use them in your count as dwarf force.


Here’s my golems:



Very cute golems.

I was thinking about using regular goblins for hobgoblins, and just ignoring the spears, or cutting them down a bit or arming them all with bows. Should I need goblin slaves later I am planning to use night goblins, or perhaps skaven. But most likely my special slots will be taken up by warmachines and black orcs.