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Itzi-Bitzi :

Any one got any advice on constructing a lizardmen army?

Kera foehunter:

well i can’t!!! But if you pm the great( warplock monkey) !! he like a lizardman god !!!

check out his stuff your see what i mean


You can construct them in many ways. One way is how you build your list. Take me for example. I’m doing a dinosaur heavy lizardmen list. Another way is to paint them as if they had blessed spawnnings (which they don’t any more…it really sucks). One guy in my local area is making a saurus heavy list, and you could even go the opposet and do a skink hoard(well i’m not sure if their can be a hoard but you can defenetly get quit a few skinks in their). I say think about it for a bit and look at the list with all the stuff in it. If their a specific character like Chakax, Mazamundi, or Tehahunie you like then incorperate them in. Lizardmen may not be as veristile as Emipre but you can definetly have some fun with them.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well like any other army start with 2 troops and a lord I would go with 2 blocks of saurus and an oldblood after a few games begin to expand with some skinks and maybe so Kroxies or a stegadon, a skink priest would give you some magic defence and really just go from there.

Hope that helped


I’d start with some Saurus with spears. Such a good unit.


Make sure every army has a Skink priest in it, maybe more than one. Lizardmen are highly magical and Skink priests can pack a punch.

Skinks skirmishers are always good, but make sure you back them up with a core of Saurus. Peeps hate the skinks. :wink:


My list is largely dependent on the minis I bought as a young and foolish Warhammerer. :wink:

A Slann and two Priest-Mounted Engines of the Gods seem to be a must for any tournament army, but that’s rather too much big stuff for me - I don’t even have a Stegadon model!

15 Saurus with Spears are the basic Combat unit of the army, and I use Skinks to draw the enemy into combat with them (M5 would have been more appreciated than +1 Scaly Skin, GW).

I’ve yet to hear about the performance of Skink Cohorts /w/ Kroxigors versus Skink Skirmishers and seperate Kroxigors.


Warseer have a gigantic thread on the subject : http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180631

You can read it through if you’re not scared and you like to read.

Being a lizardmen beginner too, I would suggest to begin with saurus, a saurus hero (those are so powerful) and a few skinks. It really seems to be the base of a lizardmen army.

After the expansion also depends on what you want to play, as you can go dino-heavy, magic-heavy, saurus-heavy, skink-hordey, but you probably won’t be able to do them all. Or just do it the foolish way and buy what you want :smiley:

Itzi-Bitzi :

O.k thanks for the advice, this is my favorite way to equip old blood.

Cold One

Light Armour

Enchanted Shield

Blade of Realities

Tailisman of Protection

With three hits he has a 50% chance on instantly killing a blood stirster and has 4+ armour save v s7!