[Archive] Lo, and i return with a question


with me being missing from this forum for a while (for some reason my mind stoped liking CDs. wierd) I thought my return post would have to be realy…annoying.

so, i was wondering how to make hobbo’s, I was thinkign of using goblin heads weapns (not hands, just weapon) on the bodies of empire free company with greenstuffed samurai style armour (I’m theeming my army mainly on free hobgoblins, so i thought it’d fit)

now i was wonderin if anyone had pictures of this donse, or any way to make it look better/worse

aslo, i don’t realy have a budget so feel free to suggest anything

Hashut’s Blessing:

For the armour, if you want to get it scale-plated like a samurai’s, maybe try using a samll square/rectangle of guard as the basic shape, then sculpt the armour onto that or even use smaller squares/rectangles to get a scale effect on top of that.


wow, fast reply:o

thanks HB, thats a good idea and seems effective

loking at models, i Think i’ll use men at arms for the base of the models not free company


One of the WDs over the last year (around the time of the [bfsp] box set launch) had a section on dwarfs converted for other armies. One included dwarfs from Nippon. Look at those for inspiration. I’m not sure of the number of the WD though…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Whichever gets your more models for the same price. It’d seem that, since they will be given different weapons, heads and armour, it’s just a base that you need anyway. You’re most welcome for the idea, it just sort of popped into my head :wink: As for the fast reply? I type REALLY quickly!