[Archive] LOA 2000 points


Got a one day 2000 pointer tournament coming up.
4 games with predetermined scenarios.

Unfortunately don’t have enough time to have my slaves ready and painted so here goes my list.

Sorc level 4
Crown of command
Mask of furnace

Arm of bazherack
Shield great weapon

29 blunderbuss
Full command scarecrow banner

20 infernal guard
Full command banner of eternal flame
Great weapons shield

Magma cannon

Kdaai destroyer

I expect to get hammered on comp but will see how I go.

C and c appreciated brothers and sisters

Zanthrax :cheers

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I don’t have a lot of love for your army list to be honest. With only four deployments, an unprotected BSB (why does he have a shield??), and the Scarecrow Banner, I’m just not sure where your army list is going.


You can take the shield +1 to save vs shooting attacks.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Are you planning on having him running around outside of his unit to get shot at?


The shield and scarecrow were needed to spend 10 points.


I would drop the two banners and proxy another blunderbus with those points. Also Im not a big fan of the hellbound rules maybe trade that in for a dawnstone for your bsb? Gives him a little more survivability.


i would split the blunder bussers into to separate units to protect the flanks

Ugly Green Trog:

i would split the blunder bussers into to separate units to protect the flanks

Split the blunderbusses and you lose their most potent special rules though. I don't have tamurkhan to hand so can't remember the exact prequisites but I'm sure you need more than 20 for the re roll to wound.


Notwithstanding the loss of the reroll to wound I am liking the idea of splitting the blunderbuss- doing this and dropping the full command gets me a 16 man and a 17 man unit to protect the flanks of the warriors and the magma cannon.

Too many decisions to make!

Time of Madness:

I’ve fixed your list for you.


- Level 4

- Blood of Hashut

- enchanted Shield

- Talisman of Preservation

- Crown of Command

= 405pts



- Mask of Furnace

- Shield

= 197pts

28 Blunderbusses

Both Characters here to make it 30 strong

- Full Command

- Razor Standard

= 581pts

21 Infernal Guard

- full Command

- Great Weapons

= 347pts

Magma Cannon

= 145pts

K’daai Destroyer

= 325pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2000pts

I’d deploy the blunderbusses 10X3 and the guard unit 7X3. Use the destroyer on the flanks. You don’t need hellbound on the cannon. I had an extra 20pts left so put the blood of hashut on your general. Can work well in some situations.

Also please note both characters now have a 2+ save followed by a 4+ ward save.

Time of Madness

Grimbold Blackhammer:

With Time of Madness’s list, you can ditch the Crown of Command for something else.  But when you deploy, you’ll have to go at least eleven-wide to get twenty models shooting or you won’t get the full benefit.