[Archive] LOA 2000pts

Mad Dave:

Hi guys

Ive got a game coming up on Saturday, i’ve faced the player before against his orc’s where he thrashed me soundly with his hordes and routed my army off the table Damn those Green skins!.

So this time id like to give him a bloody nose so to speak. I’ve just found out he’s bringing skaven so im not looking forward to the game.

So what ive got so far is everything bar characters, i’m just not sure what to take tbh.


None so far

Heros :-

None so far

Core 607pts

30 x Chaos dwarfs full command and magic banner +1 combat res.

Speacial 660pts

1x Skull Cracker

1x Magma cannon

2x Death rocket

Rare 325pts


so ive got 400pts for character and im not sure what to take character wise. I neeeeeeed help against the ratties :frowning:


what weppons do youre core have seems a bit pricey you need a sp and bsb with the usual set up

Mad Dave:

sorry my bad the core chaos dwarfs have blunderbuss’s