[Archive] LoA - 500 pts


Well, finally I managed to adquire my copy of Tamurkhan, so I proceed to post my first-draw list:

* Daemonsmith Sorcerer (Lore of Fire) (Lvl 1) (Charmed Shield).

* 15 Infernal Guard (Including Overseer) (HW & S).

* 20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats (Including Musician) (Bows).

* Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher.

That makes 496 pts, if I’m not wrong, and leaves me with some points for equipping the CD Overseer with a pistol or a Naphta Bomb (don’t decided yet). My main opponent will play Skavens, but luckily he only got the troops from Island of Blood (so he will not deploy any skavenslaves, since he loves the weapon teams attached to clanrats), plus some other shinies as an old Warp Lightning cannon, Doomwheel, some Warlocks and perhaps another 20 clanrats with attached Ratling Gun.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.



Caster heavy:
Double down and throw in the rub ring of ruin.
Add a Magma cannon, park the wizard with LOS to his line between both warmachines.
Drop all the dwarfs, go for a block of 30 gobs with AHW 5 wide 6 deep.
warmachines in the corner flank denial with the block of gobs, blast away at him.

this way you got options, always try to panic his units.
Demolition charge to kill a doom wheel ect.
Magma cannon is very accurate for kill huge swatches of core troops, also give another multie wound option vs warmachines. Pie Plate rocket can wreck rat and cause a panic too.