[Archive] LoA Combat Lords


Since the rumors about GW releasing some “Allies” armies which may include chaos dwarfs have been percolating around.

It makes the most sense that this release would fill the biggest holes in the LoA list.

1. Mundane chaos dwarf warriors.

2. Generic Combat lord

3. Special character combat lord Zhatan the Black

4. Special Character Hobgoblin hero Gorduz Backstabber

5. Special Character mechanized Hybrid lord Astragoth

6. Add 1-3 magic items to the list

Bare minimum I would like to see numbers 1 and 2 developed, and 3, 4 and 5 modernized.

6 would be based on bringing some of the RH items forward.

Lets hear your ideas for how to bring these units inline with the LoA list and provide good internal balance to the existing list.


On the allies contingents: GW won’t do Chaos Dwarfs because they are Forgeworld’s territory now. Sadly, because I would like to see the CDs reappear in WD and especially if GW would release a warrior box based on the Hellcannon crew.


On the allies contingents: GW won't do Chaos Dwarfs because they are Forgeworld's territory now.

I was hoping WD would do a supplement and we would see a lord on foot and a warrior box :(

Well either way just for fun lets work it up just in case someone looking here for "inspiration"