[Archive] [LoA] Killing Machine - Taur'ruk


This guy already has a nice array of stats, so boosting him with magic items can go in several directions. I can’t see using him outside of a small unit of BCs with great weapons so that is what I have held in mind for this:

1. Armed with Sword of Swift Slaying and Potion of Speed (boosts I for one turn). Blackshard Armour and Enchanted shield. That puts him at 205 points, with four S5 attacks that strike first and get to reroll misses for at least one turn against almost everyone except Elf and Skaven characters. 1+ armour save and T5 makes him neigh on impossible to kill, and he has plenty of wounds anyway. So he should pretty much slaughter any infantry unit, although heavy cavalry might be a bit hard to munch so…

2. Great weapon, Blackshard Armour. Total of 185pts. He’ll crunch through anything but has only a 3+ armour save, which leaves him more vulnerable against strong infantry and cavalry.

The key here is the weapon. The great weapon removes his ability to use a shield in combat so he’d have to do without or add something like a Dragonhelm (which might be better on another character). What other weapons should he use? Sword of Might? It’s 5pts more than a great weapon but doesn’t always strike last, plus it still ups the strength bit and you can use a shield with it. Same for any of the other strength-improving weapons. Or maybe just increasing the number of attacks is better, he is already S5, so you are hitting on 3+ for most enemies anyway

So a few more similar options:

3. Sword of +1/+2 strength, Blackshard Armour, and Enchanted shield. Balances the need for hitting hard, but still has a solid defense.

4. Sword of +1/+2 attacks, Blackshard Armour, and Enchanted shield. Lots of hitting, so good against low T armies.

Sword of Anti-heroes would be a great compromise if you expect a character to be coming your way.

What is everyone else using? Is magic resistance worth having?


Dragonhelm, Crown of Command, Blackshard Armour, Great Weapon. A mobile roadblock :slight_smile:

Or the Sword of Strife, Potion of Foolhardiness and Enchanted Shield. Hitty.


I’m pretty satisfied with my setting:

sword +2 attacks, blackshard armor, shield. 215 points.

I like this setting as you have a lot of attacks to kill light-medium infantry. S5 is more than enough to chop infantry.

6 S5 attacks are good to kill heroes, maybe not in one turn but a couple is enough.

And you have stomp for an handy additional attack!

You have a magic weapon on a fast moving unit (so you can use it where and when you need it) and that’s handy.

You are protected! T5 is not to underestimate, 4 wounds are great and the 1+ armor save grants you a very good protection!

Now I’m not using it as I want to try a different list but when he will be back I will try sword of anti-heroes or another combo. :slight_smile:


At the moment I think its too expensive for a slightly better profile.For 200 Points you can get 5 Renders.Maybe I will try him out but on the paper he doesn´t look really good in comparrison to normal BC´s.


I am on the fence with this one,Im probably going with +2 strength

Sorceror-Prophet Nalgrund:

Yeah, I don’t see the point in taking him. A unit of Centaurs has more wounds, attacks, and will stick around longer. Fireborn are around his point cost for a simple 3-man harass unit, and they’ll live through a lot of things he’d die in one shot to (sniper spells, cannonballs etc).

Herohammer is a pretty risky strategy these days. There are just too many ways to gun down a fighty hero if he’s solo-ing. Thats why Castellans are such a great deal; they give up a bit of hitting power and resiliance but are the BSB and can chill with your Infernals.


The good thing about just having the one guy is the ability to turn/reform at will and his much smaller footprint. You can get him into battles where the unit of 5 would get stuck or only be able to partially engage.

I quite like Bassman’s build and will give it a try. You can slam him into the corner of a unit you’re already engaging for extra combat resolution and the 1+save means he’s a lot harder to get combat res off than the standard renders. For example Ghouls can cause standard Centaurs problems with the poison but the 1+ save shafts them very well.

Against the new Vampire Counts especially I think he’d be a great ethereal hunter, (hexwraiths beware) who are amongst the worst things for centaurs to go up against as they have no static combat res.