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Good morning dudes,

I’m playing a campaign with some local players, and I couldn’t decide between playing with LoA or RH lists (Ended up playing with LoA)

After being totally outnumbered by empire on my first game (6700 points vs my 4700, may have something to do with that :P) I realized that LoA has very good units, but the costs are huge, even for the basic units, while RH has more “weak” units, but also lower costs in points.

What are your thoughts?

P.S: Lost the city that I tried to hold, but managed to capture the only Empire mage. I will sacrifice him to Hashut :hashut


If you guys are playing 8th edition, ou should stick with LoA. That’s the newest rules and the official ones. RH didn’t get erratta for 8th edition.

Yes CD are super expensive - but the are also tough as nails. I’ve won more battles than I’ve lost with them. Do not underestimate the power of 5,5 point hoboblins with boys and shields! You get a lot of shots and a love of 6+ parry saves when enganged in close combat.


I prefer LoA, but there’s a CDO errata for Ravening Hordes in 8th edition.


I love Ravening Hordes. They don’t need any updates, but your gaming group must decide internally how the group understands the wording on the Earthshakers Quake, which can be anywhere from good to insanely broken. In the long run, I would still choose LoA for the diversity, but if you want to win, have a lot of hobgoblins and play 1500-2000 points, then Ravening Hordes will be very strong


I prefer TommyHs book for 8th, used it alot. Great fun!


I prefer TommyHs book for 8th, used it alot. Great fun!

Agreed! By far better made than LoA in my opinion.