[Archive] Loads of old metals going on eBay (new stuff up!)


Friend of mine is doing an “unemployed for the whole summer” sale so I thought I’d help out a bit.

Loads and loads of fairly old stuff. There’s an old MM90 CD (MM90/4a) in there and the CD mortar.

And quite a few old Dwarfs. We are bunch of collectors here and it helps a friend so I decided to post the link.

And no the shipping is not 2500$, it’s listed in the description but apparently he had to enter SOME number in the field. So he picked a ridiculous one. I would have used 9999$ instead.

Blue in VT:


Do you think he is open to off ebay offers?  I NEED those Marauder Wolf riders…and that Empire General with 2 wings!!!

Let me know.



PM sent.

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Well my friend is cleaning out more stuff so I felt obliged to pimp his wares.

More cool stuff: