[Archive] Loads of old miniatures: Pikemen, Dwarfs, Orcs, woodelfs, empire, random and more


[edit]New stuff in the latest post.[/edit]

Well, while i’m at it.

I made a list of all the miniatures I could part with.

Metal Orc Boarboy banner new in blister

2 Boarboys new in blister

3 Dark elf cold ones new in blister

I still have trouble parting with them but make me an offer and promise me the get a good home.

[edit]Pumpwagon, Greater deamon of Korne and wood elfs sold[/edit]

Blue in VT:

Its hard to say good bye to projects you’ll never get to isn’t it? I’ve managed to really narrow my focus over the last year or so but it has meant parting with a lot of great models…never to be seen again…:’(

Best of luck with the sale…some great stuff here.



Thanx I want to paint everything here, but half I cant or will never use. Normally I just store everything I might use “later” but times are changing (probably).


interested in Classic Skarsnick and Globba, how much you after?


@Alfract you are asking a very difficult question. (sorry i’m new at this). make me an offer, if it feels right we have a sale, else it stays in my collection.


I am very interested in the Dwarven grudge thrower. However i have no clue what its worth.


Most of this stuff is probably going on ebay this sunday. so if someone wants to make a descent offer on something; now is the time.


As a test I put the wood elf stuff on Ebay here, rest will follow if this is a success.


demon of Korne, the pumpwagon and the leopard banner sold.

the rest is still available.


I Put everything and more on Ebay:


we’ll see what happens, I probably will be selling more stuff soon ans I have to many miniatures and I could use the space and cash (:


ending soon (:

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Well last weeks ebay was a success (the grudge thrower went for GBP 25,00!!)

So I’m putting these(and some more) on ebay this weekend if all goes well but I thought as they are dwarves maybe here someone wants to PM me an offer before that time.

engineer black undercoated.

Classic 3rd ed Organ Gun with crew

Dwarf lord

Dwarf warrior sprue (I have 4 of these very few bits missing on some)

Dwarf warrior sprue (I have 4 of these very few bits missing on some)

or wait for the Ebay link later on d:


well the are op on ebay. link


only 20 hours to go and still a lot of great bargains.



Pikemen are still unsold so I’ve split them up in smaller cheaper chunks.


oh and the dwarf lord is also still up for grabs.


selling quite some 4dr edition savage orcs




are the empire sold?


are the empire sold?

You mean the pikemen? yes they are finally sold. But Bas_2312 still has a complete unit here