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Wow, I’ve had these finished for over 2 weeks how have I not posted them yet? You’ll have to forgive the shaky photography; its a combo of freezing house and chronic shaky hands. I wasn’t able to get pics of my blunderbusses (and they’re my favorites) but I’ll put 'em up as soon as I can

My Sorcerer Lord & two sorcerer henchman. I’m happy with the paint jobs, just not the models. The lord is too normal dwarfy, and the hellcannon crew weren’t what I had in mind.

My Deathrockets. Now these I’m happy with.

My warrior unit. I think they turned out great.

My DoW Ironguts. I wish I’d had some time to do some conversion work, but unfortunately I didn’t start them until the night before the tournament

My earthshaker. Using the ever so original hellcannon :~. I kinda like the two headed mutant crewman wielding a hot branding rod in case the daemon engine gets out of line.

Bolt thrower battery. Like’em, thats all I can say

Wolf riders. Wishing I’d given them the signature hats.


All in all, they look damned fine.

I wouldn’t worry about your lord, I think he looks adequately Chaos Dwarfy.


Love the orange on the hobs, nothing says they al have to be green, right?


Awesome work man! Nice job with the Old Chaos Warrior Legs coverseion with Marauder Torso, I was always a fan of doing that, haven’t decided what I want to use mine as yet… Maybe a slaver…

Uzkul Werit:

The tin box hats from the Bret Peasants work nicely on Wolfboyz. Those Sorcerers are wonderful and good use of the Hell Cannon crew. Where are the Warrior’s shields from?

Kera foehunter:

great paint job on the chaos canon i like the green!!


Wow! They are great - Grunts:hat off I love your Death Rockets - you should be happy with them. I might steal that idea, if I’m going for a second on! Have a slave!:cheers

And as said in my blog I find your warriors very inspiring. Like the green color a lot.

The Sorcerers? - they are nice and you did a great paintjobs on them, but with your conversion skills I would like to see something else:)


@Wallacer: Thanks

@Willmark: my sentiments exactly

@Xander: just let me warn you, cutting down the old chaos warrior legs is a pain in the…well, you get the idea.��It does look nice in the end though.��Not sure if I’d want to have to do a whole unit.

@Uzkul Werit: thanks. the chaos star shield is from the new plastic giant, the rest are from the newest incarnation of dwarf warriors.

@Kera: Thanks

@Clam: Woohoo! New slave! I think I’ll call him Norman.��Thanks.��Feel free to steal the deathrocket idea.��And as for the Sorcerers, just keep watching the horizon, theres something on the way :idea


That’s a fine looking army there! I love the Death rockets, they look awesome. The colour scheme on your warriors is just great! The sorcerors are great too! all in all, I love this lot! keep it up, I want to see MORE!!!


Truly awesome. I kinda see what you mean about the sorcerers, but they look evil enough to me! How the heel did you do those s*** hot death rockets?

Kera foehunter:

i like the death rockets they rock!!


@Hammerhand: Many thanks. I’ll be posting more soon. I’ve got some great weapon warriors starting as soon as my eBay order gets here, then some bull centaurs to get started on, then theres slaves for the next golden hat…ok, I’m gonna be busy.

@AGPO: thanks. The deathrocket chassis are made from 40K orc lobbers. The rockets themselves are made from the ornamental gun heads from the 40K chaos rhino and tubing. Then attached some of the spiky bits from the 40K chaos rhino and BOOM…deathrockets.

@Kera: thanks again

Ghrask Dragh:

I too am a fan of the Death Rockets, :hat off very good idea. I would like to see a pic of the crewman with the horns though, the one with his back to the camera (theres always one!!!), I like what you’ve done with the mutated hellcannon crew!

Warriors turned out great and the bolt throwers and hobgoblins are some of my fav’s, as I’ve said before.

I like the way your army is turning out, very creepy.


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hah, that’s a nice take with the green skulls inside the hell cannon - very spooky. I also quite like the death rockets.


@Xander: just let me warn you, cutting down the old chaos warrior legs is a pain in the...well, you get the idea. It does look nice in the end though. Not sure if I'd want to have to do a whole unit.

Hehe, I think I did this long before you, my friend. ;) COol that we had the same idea.

I used them in a really old Immortal conversion I posted on HoH. :P


Hehe, I think I did this long before you, my friend. ;) COol that we had the same idea.

I used them in a really old Immortal conversion I posted on HoH. :P

sweet, I'll have to check it out. I'm not on HoH, maybe I should sign up


love the hellcannon


I only really used HoH when CDO was down. In my opinion this is the far superior site, you just have to check thedifference in my post count - Just over 100 to - que drumroll - …

:hashut:hashut:hashut[size=xx-large]1000 POSTS!!!:hashut:hashut:hashut[/size]
Ahem, back on topic - OMG Grunts! look its a boar centaur! steals idea while Grunts is distracted Seriously though dude, thanks for the advice :hatoff


I am noticing this army, how many points is it?? You need a medal, I think!